Upgrading from XP Pro to XP Pro SP2 problems

By Tryin...
Feb 28, 2009
  1. Ok so here is it;I was asked to fix up a virus ridden computer.I was going to try to update it to Sp2,to see if that solved the svchost error.But something horrible happened upon restart,after copying files(an entering CD key.

    I had noticed before that for some reason I cant access bios on this machine.I press f1 CONSTANTly an nothing.The odd thing is the keyboard works during windows.But now I cant even boot that,because upon reboot.It goes to Pro Setup(My disc is IN drive),I have also tried without disc in drive.Then it gives me the one dash"_" at top of screen forever.

    I dont reallly know the specs.But it is a STORE bought PC. Its a IBM Bios.An the name of PC is Netvista.Now I dont get this..Please help!
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