Win98 & system resources question

By dtevol
May 29, 2002
  1. system resources question


    I just finished upgrading my new cpu. It's an AthlonXP1800, with a Giga-byte GA-&DX motherboard, 512MB pc2100 ddr, 90 GB of total hd space (1 10 and 1 80 GB, seperately), a g-force2mmx 32mb agp, soundlblaster live 5.1, and a linksys nic card (thanks for the advice on that one!).

    The problem, or at least i think it may be one, is that whenever i check my system resources in win98(yeah, i know) it plummets when I have even the lightest progs running. Is there something that I may have missed? Or, is this a memory problem that i can fix with a prog like cacheman?

    any and all help is appreciated
  2. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

    Systems Resources refers to the 128k area that \/\/indoze 9X uses for "housekeeping."
  3. dtevol

    dtevol TS Rookie Topic Starter is what happens after i rebooted...

    put it this way, i have mirc, kazaa(lite), netcaptor, open on a adsl line and my system resources are 47%. i am also running cacheman and using the cd writer profile, plus i let win98 manage my virtual memory for me.
  4. JAV

    JAV TS Rookie Posts: 210


    Win98 or Win98SE? You have all the updates from MS? That is where I would start. DL, install & re-boot 1 at a time. ;)

    Have you run msconfig.exe? What does it show is loading at 'Start up'? More than you thought? Have you done a ctrl/alt/delete to bring up the 'Close Program' window to 'see' what is running? You don't mention a 'firewall' or 'anti-virus' program. Got something running you don't know about? Lotsa 'mass mailing' virus' out there. If you do have an AV: maybe it is constantly running or has a boot 'problem'. :rolleyes:

    Use 'Cacheman' or Windows 'System Monitor' to graph the % & 1 by 1 shut things down. You'll find out what is hogging the system. You can boot into 'safe mode' & only 'Explorer' will boot & you can check the % then too. It *should* be real high in 'safe mode'.

  5. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    Do you feel that your system is sluggish ?

    If it's just Win98 showing you some info saying that your system's ressources are low, it's probably a problem to take into account that much memory. Win98 isn't known for exceptionnal memory management, especially above 256mb.
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