BitTorrent for Android 2.19

Find torrents and download them directly to your phone or tablet, with the official BitTorrent® App for Android.

March 28, 2014
Android OS
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Brought to you by the team that invented the BitTorrent protocol and BitTorrent software, this handy Android torrent app lets you get media wherever you are.

Find torrents and download them to your smartphone or tablet, subscribe to RSS feeds, play content, and more. The first generation of this powerful new torrent download app is made to be simple, fast, and free. That means no speed limits, and no size limits, on mobile downloads.

To get the best performance and avoid running up your data charges, we recommend taking advantage of Wifi-only mode whenever possible.


  • No speed or size limits
  • Wifi-only mode
  • Search for content
  • Access exclusive content from BitTorrent’s featured artists
  • Download torrents
  • Manage torrent downloads
  • Play media
  • Share personal media
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds

What's New in Android:

  • Completely updated design
  • Select files within a torrent
  • Choose torrent download location before or after torrents have started
  • Choose to delete torrents only, or torrents & files

What's New in iOS (1.2.47):

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.