SteelSeries 3H USB Headphone Driver 2.30 for Windows 2000/XP

Date: December 15, 2009
File Size: 9.5 MB
OS Support: Windows 2000/XP
Downloads: 222

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Release notes:

USB Soundcard

The USB sound card has a 12-channel equalizer and 7.1 virtual surround sound. The soundcard allows gamers to save settings and bring the sound you are used to, independent of any other sound card, computers or devices.

Retractable Microphone

The retractable microphone in the left earcup makes this headset perfect for gaming without having the microphone being an annoying device hanging out all the time.

Easy to Transport

SteelSeries 3H USB collapses at the top of each earcup, making it an easy to store for travel. Bring your headset to a LAN tournament or friends house without having to worry it’ll break along the way.

Easy Access Volumen Control

SteelSeries 3H USB features an integrated volume controller, which enables you to adjust the sound in the headset and mute the microphone on-the-fly.

And the Numbers

  • Headphones
    • Freq. response: 10 – 27.000 Hz
    • Impedance: 50 Ohm
    • SPL@1kHz, 1Vrms: 102 dB
    • Cable: 2 m / 6,6 ft.
  • Microphone
    • Freq. response: 50 – 18.000 Hz
    • Pick-up pattern: Non-directional
    • Sensitivity: -40 dB
    • Impedance: 2,2K Ohm

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