Lawsuit accuses Google of code theft

By Derek Sooman on July 2, 2004, 11:25 AM
Affinity Engines has filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming an engineer employed at the search giant stole software code to create the popular online social networking service

[COLOR=#1951B9]The lawsuit alleges that Google engineer Orkut Buyukkokten stole code from former employer Affinity Engines to create Google's Orkut social networking site. The suit also alleges that Buyukkokten promised he would not develop a competing social networking service when he left to join Google.[/COLOR]

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acidosmosis said:
They always accuse the successful companys/people of stealing code, stealing songs, committing rape... they just want money. End of story. Rule #587823 of Business: When another companys makes it big, sue them for money.
StormBringer said:
Many of the great innovations throughout history have been result of theft. Many of Eddison's inventions, as well as a few other inventors, stole their ideas, and in some cases complete designs(remember the great radio controversy?) from Nikola Tesla. Car manufacturers have been stealing ideas from eachother since the beginning, as have computer programmers(remember Steve Jobs and Xerox, MS and everybody?)Good artists copy, great artists steal -Pablo Picasso-
Rick said:
I'm not sure I understand why Google would be responsible for Orkut's behavior?
BrownPaper said:
Wasn't Microsoft successful because Gates bought the rights to a version of DOS. The rest is history.It is not necessarily what you can come up with. It is seeing someone else had a good idea, patent or buy out their idea, then make loads of money.
Phantasm66 said:
Yes, and that is why I predict that before the end of the decade, Microsoft will buy Google.
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