Sony's DRM used by WoW cheaters

By Justin Mann on November 4, 2005, 11:16 AM
When we learned about the Sony “DRM” software that was being employed very ala-spyware, it was mused at that point that it could be used for dangerous and unsavory things. It's already occurring, as cheaters playing in Blizzard's World of Warcraft online game have found ways to use it to their advantage. Blizzard, under just as much controversy as Sony for their software, uses an aggressive scanning method to detect cheat programs when people are playing. The “Sony backdoor” prevents that scan tool from detecting anything specially named, allowing the cheaters to avoid being detected. What has the industry come to? Industry spyware fighting industry spyware. Sony's initial reaction to this fiasco has been to provide a patch that disables the cloaking ability of their software.

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dave46081 said:
The only way to get Sony to hear the voice of the people is with lost revenue. I say we Boycott Sony. There are a lot of excellent electronic products made out there other than Sony that are good. Samsung, for example, is making awesome electronics (stereos, DVDs, TVs, etc) that don't play any of these kinds of sneaky games. No reason to feed Sony $ with your business. Remeber when Intel pulled this kind of sneaky crap on their processor (grabbing private info off your computer system and enabling a capability to have outside sources be able to read this via the internet)? As you know,later there was a huge public outcry and even the Feds got involved and told the world how to permanently fix the problem via your BIOS. But Intel, under pressure, later released a disable type-patch. So how is this Sony malware invasion any different? This Intel NON-CUSTOMER based move made me a 100% AMD fan- for life. This was my way of dealing with Intel's move. I will never by buy Intel for this single reason. How can I trust Intel won't pull another stunt?Turning to Sony, I know for a fact tha Sony has been adding some sneaky encryption technologies on some of their DVDs. (e.g. Resident Evil and Little Black Book). So they are already "working the behind the scenes" stuff now and I don't trust them one bit.Sony was once a house hold trusted name, but with sneaky DRM stunts like this, who needs them. Can you trust them? Is someone backing Sony as well?The only way to win is with your hard-earned $. Let the voice of the people (i.e. $ spending) be heard- send a strong message to Sony you don't trust them and will say it with your spending habits.
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