AMD releases first two Phenom quad-core CPUs

By Justin Mann on November 19, 2007, 4:14 PM
Two of the much-lauded AMD Phenoms are now hitting the streets, and earlier today AMD issued a press release that confirmed the 1,000-unit quantity pricing of the processors. Both of them are under the $300 mark, which is good, but unfortunately as the benchmarks begin rolling in the Phenom isn't looking spectacular for AMD.

Clock-for-clock, the Phenom is definitely more powerful than the A64, and certainly boosts AMD's position as a viable contender for a quad-core processor. Unfortunately, pricewise, they aren't competing Intel's Q6600, which sits in between the Phenom 9500 and Phenom 9600 in terms of price, outperforms them in certain areas.

They have made good on their launch, and variants are due soon, but so far there has not been much fanfare for Phenom. I hope AMD turns this around, as a lot of people were looking to this launch with hope.

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windmill007 said:
This Sucks! Amd and ATI are going down which benifits no one. They better get there devolopers working on some breakthrough or they are doomed!
spydercanopus said:
It can't be that hard to make a faster processor than Intel. Just add more voltage and smaller architechure! If AMD doesn't push Intel, there will be a stale market for us all.
shyguyy said:
AMD has it right about integrations even Intel will be going the way AMD about a True Quad processor instead two dual processor combined to make a quad processors. The key is Onboard L1, L2 and L3 memory. Intel is increasing it's L2 memory by leaps and bounds and AMD is decrease it's L2 MEMORY to 512 MB and just putting up 1GB of L3 memory per core. That's why it's 9900 can't compete with the Intel Q6600 cpu... "A MESSAGE TO AMD" "DON'T SIMP ON THE L2 AND L3 MEMORY!!!!" "IF YOU ARE GOING TO COMPETE WITH THE BIG BOY ON THE BLOCK, YOU'LL CAN'T ON THE CHEAP!!! INCREASE THE MEMORY!!!
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