AMD has announced today the introduction of a new platform, this one aimed at the very high-end PC market. The upcoming "Spider" platform is a combination of processors, chipsets, GPUs and software, all of which are paired together for a cohesive selling point. While this doesn't introduce any new hardware, the label, much like "Viiv", "Centrino" or others, is an indicator of what is found inside a system.

The Spider platform will be focused around the upcoming Phenom processors, along with the Radeon 3800 series to start, AMD-7 series chipsets and the AMD OverDrive software. The AMD-7 Series chipsets are designed to support very high amounts of PCI Express lanes for CrossFireX, which can see at least up to four GPUs in one system. In the same announcement, they verify that Phenom processors are now available for bulk-order. You can read the full press release at AMD's site.