Gamer takes Microsoft and Bungie to court over Halo 3 errors

By on November 23, 2007, 12:53 PM
A California resident by the name of Randy Nunez has brought a class action suit against Microsoft and Bungie alleging that Halo 3 consistently causes consoles to “crash, freeze or lock up” and that it is not fit for its purpose of being played on the 360.

About a month ago, Microsoft told Register Hardware that it's aware of a problem which stops the game from loading correctly, but refused to give any further explanation.

Nunez claims that despite mounting consumer complaints and inquiries concerning this operational flaw, Microsoft and Bungie have failed to recall the game, which is odd since Microsoft has offered to replace faulty copies of the game at no charge through December 31, after several reports indicated that Halo 3 Limited Edition game discs were found scratched due to poor packaging. The class action lawsuit seeks over $5 million in damages.

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icye said:
Seems typical of Americans to keep launching class-action lawsuits[Edited by icye on 2007-11-23 15:37:34]
canadian said:
Indeed. Sounds like a software issue, that would mean a patch in the future. If its patchable, why should they recall it?
beef_jerky4104 said:
I agree, and besides just because the game fails to load did it really damage your life so much that you need 5 Million dollars to repair the problems caused?
PanicX said:
Sounds like you don't understand class action lawsuits. Their not "typical of americans" they're typical of lawyers. The lawyers that fight a class action law suit stand to gain millions of dollars in legal fees appropriated from judgment against the defendant. The rest of the people they represent will get a nice coupon or a check for ~ $2.34 Besides benefiting lawyers its also a major deterrent to the defendants as it can cost them millions to billions of dollars. However its a fairly safe bet that these companies have already done the math and opted to choose actions that will result in a lawsuit as it's still more profitable than delaying a product for fine tuning.
MNet1 said:
Putting aside the "typical American" "typical lawyer" issue, I've talked to several people who had the same experience I did. The game worked to a certain level then had disc read errors. All other games worked fine. Replacing the disc resulted in the same problem on a different level of the game. After trying three different (new halo) discs it seemed clear that either there was a mass problem with halo dics or the box was now not working, but only halo was effected. After trying yet one more new halo disc, the box locked up and wouldn't play any other games. Could be a coincident, but all the symptoms point to the game screwing up the box. Microsoft replaced the console at no cost, but the tech support admitted that a number of people report the same experience. I think the suit may have some merit.
deathstar17 said:
This is lame, the guy just wants five million dollars for himself. I hope the judge throws this one back in his face.
Rick said:
[b]Originally posted by icye:[/b][quote]Seems typical of Americans to keep launching class-action lawsuits[Edited by icye on 2007-11-23 15:37:34][/quote]Don't worry, it might be coming your way too...[url]
ass.php[/url]Your snobbery aside, these lawsuits give consumers SOME leverage over large corporations. The possibility of such a lawsuit acts as an "incentive" (of sorts) for big businesses to 'do a good job' and do what's in the best interest of the consumer. Yes, it gets abused by greedy people... But your country doesn't afford you that freedom? What exactly DO you do in your country if a huge company is selling consumers something that doesn't work as described?
yakwhacker said:
This is pathetic. What damages could possibly be incurred outside of boredom and frustration that you dropped the cash for something that needs a patch? Good god man. 5 mil? BS.
insidious420 said:
Just my 2 cents: I got my 360 not even 1 year ago. I never experienced any problems at all, not a single freeze, glitch, etc. I mostly played Halo 2, Gears of War, Need for Speed Most Wanted, various 360 demos from Live, various original Xbox games, Live Arcade games, and of course the Halo 3 Beta non-stop.Upon getting a new hi-def TV and Halo 3, the game & system ran fine for a week or two, then started to freeze occasionally. Regardless of the resolution I'd set the 360 to, Halo 3 would freeze up and the screen would get weird artifacting and garbled static and I'd have to power off/on the system to unfreeze. Eventually, after 4 or 5 incidents, I got the RROD and my 360 is now a brick?Coincidence? Generally faulty 360 hardware? Shoddy software programming? Who knows. But I'm inclined to think it's partly Halo 3, and mostly the 360 hardware itself.
bjlauritz said:
let's be sure we all understand what a "class action" lawsuit is. the proceeds of a class action lawsuit, after being raped by the attorney, are divided among everyone affected by the the underlying complaint. now let's consider microsoft's penchant for releasing software before it's ready for release. they're lucky this is the only lawsuit of it's kind.
bjlauritz said:
[b]Originally posted by deathstar17:[/b][quote]This is lame, the guy just wants five million dollars for himself. I hope the judge throws this one back in his face.[/quote]what a maroon. this is "CLASS ACTION"!
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