Crysis Warhead to run smoothly on a $600 PC?

By on June 19, 2008, 5:23 PM
Crysis has been known to bring even the most powerful PC’s to their knees, but according to Crytek's Cervat Yerli the upcoming shooter follow up, Crysis Warhead, will be playable on lower spec machines thanks to optimizations made to the company’s CryENGINE 2.

Specifically, Yerli claims that a $600 PC will be able to run the title with high settings enabled, at 30 to 35 frames per second – though he didn’t mention at what resolution these “high settings” would be playable at. He went on to say that performance tweaks included in Warhead can eventually be applied to Crysis via patches, but you shouldn’t expect them anytime soon as the company’s main priority at the moment is getting Warhead out the door.

It seems Crytek realized that making games with jaw-dropping visuals that can only perform well on super high-end PCs might not be the best idea from a business standpoint. Hopefully, they’ll be able to back their claims when the game hits retail shelves this fall.

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skitzo_zac said:
If a $600 PC runs it at like 30-35 fps, does a $1200 PC run it at 60-70 fps?Hmmm I paid like $2800 for my PC (just over a year ago), so thats like 120+ fps right?Aaaah, if only!
Didou said:
A current $600 PC or one that will be selling for $600 in about a year or two ? ;-)
nimo333 said:
That sounds about right, a future $600 PC (own custom built) should be powerful enough to play Crysis Warhead even at high settings but I suspect that it may drop several times below 30fps.Btw people, if you have a $1200 pc, it doesn't mean it performs twice as fast as a $600. The increase in performance is not constant but rather inversely proportional; meaning that it will probably perform only about 45-60fps.
9Nails said:
But will it look like Crysis? Or is think just going to look like a Doom3 engine game? Not that Doom3 is a bad engine, but it would be really nice to have a Crysis-looking game at lower PC power requirements.
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