Windows 7 pricing rumors retracted, Ultimate Extras no more?

By Justin Mann on February 8, 2009, 4:41 AM
With all the buzz about the multiple versions of Windows 7, many have been wondering what the price tag will be for a retail copy. On Friday, rumors about what sort of prices Microsoft had in mind were floating around. The figures instantly earned a lot of ire from potential customers with the first desktop-usable “Home” versions floating in the $260 range. Needless to say, those prices were shocking.

However, only a day later the pricing rumors have been retracted with no reliable source being able to confirm the outrageous figures.

So what will retail Windows 7 prices actually be? At the moment, it's probably safe to assume Windows 7 will fall inline with Vista's pricing given the similarities in the SKUs and target markets for each edition. That certainly doesn't mean it will be cheap, as the “Ultimate” edition for Vista still carries a price tag greater than $300. Hopefully for those that pitched in to get Vista, Microsoft will continue to offer lower-cost upgrade options.

And while on the topic of Ultimate editions. According to Neowin, Microsoft will no longer support the Extras model with Windows 7 as the company believes they are better off dedicating that effort on core development. After an underwhelming number of Extras became available for Vista, this is probably a good decision.

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aolish said:
as anyone should knows by now with the lack of competition MS will charge for hundreds of dollars. Its always been like this. Ultimate will be the price of an i7 probably. Maybe even more.
captain828 said:
While I don't agree with MS's pricing, making an OS that is supposed to run on a HUGE variety of PC is something very costly => high sell price.Sure, Linux is free and there are many distros out there that are user friendly, but no other OS is as popular and used as Windows.I for one wouldn't pay more that $150 for an "Ultimate" edition.
eafshar said:
i got vista home edition 64 bit for under 150$. wont be upgrading to windows 7 if its gonna cost me more than 50-60$ to upgrade.. the benefits wont justify the cost around and above 150.
MichaelLS said:
Note to Marketing - that didn't work! Lower the prices by 5% and try testing the waters again! We've got to find a way to sell this Vista package, ahhhhh, I mean Windows 7.
9Nails said:
What happened with the Vista to Seven "Free to upgrade" rumor?[url]
old101 said:
Vista has been a good OS for me, and I have few complaints. However, I would never pay the Vista retail prices if I was installing it on my XP computer, that by SP3 became even more stable than Vista. My purchase of Vista coincided, on purpose, with upgrading my hardware. I suspect that a lot of people and businesses are doing the same thing, and that's why the Vista market penetration is so lousy.Microsoft has not figured out yet that to most of their customers computers, and software powering them are just tools that allow them to do what they need to do. Nobody is impressed by eye candy, or some gimmicky sidebar that was available from a third party for a long time - and is better. Therefore pricing is the main thing. If Windows 7 is priced as Vista, it will have the same lack of success. Operating systems are fast becoming a commodity, and should be priced as such. Businesses still get rich providing and selling commodities.
MichaelLS said:
Well said Old101!Well said! [ Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat on the back Old Boy! ]Let the Geeks / Gamers / Tweekers / and OC'ers deal with the newest Beta Release of Vista and its very special hardware requirements. The rest of us have work to do!
DarkCobra said:
Well said Michael and I'll go ya one better . . . if MS doesn't get their act together . . . if they continue to re-issue over and over the same old tired platform (just with a new pretty suit of clothes) . . . then we are going to start seeing third party companies coming out with their own full operating systems!Given what Mozilla managed to do with their browser, can you imagine what they could do with a full operating system. I'd love to just purchase a totally blank computer and have my own choice of third party software full operating system to put on it. The MS Gold Code has become too bloated, too vulnerable to attack and too expensive. Give me a fast lean mean simple operating system and I can add the goodies I want on top of that!
yukka said:
Oh no Windows 7 is going to cost the same as Vista!! Like anyone here actually buys the retail editions..Why are you worrying about the price since you will still be using XP anyway. I wonder what would satisfy you - how about if they dumped all the Windows 7/Vista code and started again from scratch - of course that would cost more to produce but still it would be released cheaper to satisfy you? Or maybe just make it open source and then I get to enjoy your version of Windows rather than the vanilla Microsoft version - joy!Windows 95 then 98 then ME (to a point) had the same code base. Windows NT, 2000 and XP had the same and thats what you are defending. So Windows 7 is an improved version of the Vista code? Oh disaster, an improved version of something that everyone says needs improving..Very hard to take the comments on here seriously anymore. I am sure it wasn't always like this - maybe once Windows 7 is released, some people will crawl back under their rocks.
JosVilches said:
[b]Originally posted by 9Nails:[/b][quote]What happened with the Vista to Seven "Free to upgrade" rumor?[url]
nounce-free-windows-7-upgrade-program.html[/url][/quote]It hasn't been confirmed yet. In any case, the rumor doesn't suggest ALL vista users will get a free upgrade to Windows 7, just those who buy Vista machines [url=
-free-windows-7-upgrade-program.html]after July 1st 2009[/url].
Per Hansson said:
yukka; it's not only this site that has the Vista bashersAnd yea, I do agree that it is becoming very tiering :(
DarkCobra said:
OH it's way more than just VISTA bashing (that would be easy). It's end users expressing displeasure with MS because we know they are capable of better. MS has been lazy in its development and those of us who have been with this from day one and really like the company all know it. What you are seeing on this site and others as you correctly state (even Microsoft's own forums!), are the voices of more and more people openly expressing their concern and displeasure with the direction.Those voices have just as much a RIGHT to be heard as the voices of those who have sadly chosen to accept such lazy developmental practices (which is equally your right). If you're "tiring" (correct spelling) of it . . . so sad, too bad. Get used to it . . . those voices are going to get more vocal and louder."Issues don't get resovled by sticking your head in the sand and accepting whatever you get. They get resolved by expressing problems and calling for improved directions." Know who said that? Bill Gates over 10 years ago at a seminar I attended.
yukka said:
This isnt personal and reasoned views for and against are great to read but the posts recently are like reading a blizzard forum just after a patch release.. "We are standing up for the game we love - dont nerf mages" etc etc.You dont solve problems by sticking your head in the sand and you dont solve them by making your arguments in such a manner that people just ignore what you write.
DarkCobra said:
Agreed. I enjoy your comments and hope that mine aren't one's you want to ignore. I know and can see that some folks get really emotional over this stuff. I'm actually somebody who has had pretty much every OS that MS has issued from 3.1 to Vista and like many others I've been loyal to MS. They are an extremely competent company with vast resources at their disposal and I "KNOW" they can improve in their development.LOL . . . it's like having a kid you love starting to come home with declining grades you know he/she can improve upon. You can't allow them to feel good about those grades and have to express displeasure in them in the hope they see it and improve. I hope MS listens to ALL the voices good and bad and they all have a place here. Peace!
MichaelLS said:
Well said DarkCobra!Thanks for the reminder of the Billy Gates quote. True!
FoReWoRd said:
they should of kept the longhorn branch of development
MichaelLS said:
Ahhhhh - Longhorn [ Development Code Name ] became Vista - which became Windows 7.Challenge to all - load two virtual environments - one Vista - one Windows 7. Compare the code bases installed... Gee, look at that - 93% identical code. Imagine that!The truth hurts!Nice improvement on the GUI though... except for the toxic startup screen.Welcome to Vista 2.0 Beta people. Sad but true!
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