Google: Chrome OS will do well because Chrome is doing well

By on May 27, 2011, 2:30 PM

Google believes that Chrome OS will be widely adopted around the world. That's not too big of a surprise: even if the search giant thought it would fail, it wouldn't say so publicly. What's interesting is that the company thinks it can use the Chrome browser to help push the Chrome OS.

Last month, Google's CEO position switched owners: from Eric Schmidt to the company's co-founder Larry Page. Schmidt remains on Google's board in the role of Executive Chairman, so he still has responsibilities and relevant things to say. DigiTimes summarized his thoughts during a teleconference with Taiwan media this week:

A key factor to the success of Chrome OS is that Chrome browser has attracted 160 million users globally and the number is still growing, Schmidt noted. Although Chrome OS does not have all the functions of Windows, it is much less expensive, faster and easier to operate, and offers better information security, which appeals to business users, Schmidt pointed out.

Chrome has been steadily gaining market share ever since it launched in September 2008. At the end of April 2011, the browser was already at 12 percent.

Users like Chrome for multiple reasons, but at the core it's still something they are familiar with: a browser running on top of an operating system. Chrome OS is an operating system that is basically just a browser. Users aren't going to embrace such a huge change very quickly, if at all.

Schmidt also reiterated that Google is hoping Chrome OS will initially see success in the business segment. We've heard this tune before. In November 2010, Linus Upson, Google's vice president for engineering in charge of Chrome, declared that 60 percent of businesses could immediately replace their Windows machines with computers running Chrome OS.

Earlier this month, Google unveiled Chromebook and Chromebox devices. It won't be long now before the first impressions start to tell the story.

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cmbjive said:

Chrome OS will succeed because people like Chrome. Either Google thinks people are stupid or they have relaxed their standards about who they are willing to allow work for them.

jozuman said:

there's a large difference between chrome and chrome OS tho. chrome is completely free!!

Cota Cota said:

Im gona say this the more crude i can, we all know the "standard" user doesnt think a lot when coming to computers, in fact they just follow the current just like a pack, so if an OS that requires no basic knowledge hits the market it more likely will say "oh shiny" and will stick to using it, however those users who like to have control of what/will happen on your computer will keep using non basic OS's.

You suck Skynet!!

There i just wanted to remove it from my back.

Chazz said:

According to the EU a browser doesn't need to be part of an OS. Google should release a firefoxos,IEOS and Opera OS as well imo.

Det Det said:

Chazz said:

According to the EU a browser doesn't need to be part of an OS. Google should release a firefoxos,IEOS and Opera OS as well imo.

Haha, that's a good one.

Xclusiveitalian Xclusiveitalian said:

No Business is going to replace their windows OS for Chrome OS. That would be a huge risk and most companies need programs that only run on Windows.(Excel, SPSS, etc) I also don't think companies will feel safe knowing all their companies information is store "in the cloud"

MrAnderson said:

Chrome OS will be fine in a nitch market and granted they get a nice ecosystem for casual users going. The entire no applications running on all that machine seem like a faile considering the prices.

They might as well use cheaper cpu and just makeup with quality hardware interface, a quality build of the unit.

In other news... I want Chrome browser on Android! why the heck do they have another browser in Android... talking up a product then creating an altogether un spoken of product that does the some thing is only a waste of resources. And we are not even sure on what the mobile android browser can do because where is the feature list... not easy to find... anyone know details on Android browser features besides obvious.. Some HTML 5 support flash etc... want itemized list of features

Rochmads said:

there's a large difference between chrome and chrome OS tho. chrome is completely free!!

MrAnderson said:

uhm ... Chrome OS is free also... It is open source, granted might need to be a little more technically inclined to run it... or perhaps not with the pwn source builds they have on bootable CD and USB out... but the actual difference is that Chrome OS is an Operating System and not just the Chrome browser.

I'm interested in seeing how the first devices placed in the market play out. I'm sure the manufacturers will be the ones learning the most leasons with the looks of the bland offerings I have seen. Since the OS is free for them to use as a partner with google, they should spend a little more on unique hardware designs to get customers interested insted of looking like cheap thinkpad knockoffs at a glance.

kosac said:

i try chromium os and its not so usable as i want.. its long way journey

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