Galaxy Nexus to hit Verizon stores this Friday, $199 w/ contract

By on December 6, 2011, 6:30 PM

While a variant of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus is already available internationally, the U.S. is still waiting on the subsidized CDMA version set to be sold by Verizon. This scoop shows the handset may already be in stores and is set to sell on Friday 9, 2011. 

Earlier, Verizon announced that the company would be offering the Galaxy Nexus before the end of 2011. Just two weeks ago, we reported rumors the phone would sell for $199 with a two-year contract and that number seems to have been confirmed. 

The new Nexus is especially exciting for individuals in the United States, as it is the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone to officially hit the U.S. market. Ice Cream Sandwich is said to be the most substantial update to Android thus far, including many new changes and improvements, especially in terms of usability and interface.

The handset itself features an AMOLED display measuring in at 4.65-inch with a high-density resolution of 1270 x 720. The Galaxy Nexus will also include a 1.2GHz dual core OMAP 4460 processor, 1GB of RAM, a choice of 16GB or 32GB of internal storage, rear-facing 5MP camera with a back-lit CMOS sensor and a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera for video calls. 

The leaked memo also mentions a few other interesting details. Each Verizon store will receive a minimum shipment of 15 phones. Units will be replenished as they run out. The document makes a point that stores will not be receiving the phones through their "normal" receiving process, presumably to avoid leaks similar to ones Verizon has had in the past.

Stores are not to open, display or sell these phones until Friday, so those anxiously awaiting the Galaxy Nexus will have to continue to wait until the official release date. However, despite the cautionary words, the photo above is a clear demonstration of how difficult it is to keep new gadgets under wraps.

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lawfer, TechSpot Paladin, said:

With those specs, I presume, what, 3 hours of talk time?

Guest said:


The battery is apparently pretty decent, not to mention you can just pick up a cheapo spare to swap out if you won't have access to a charger for a while.

Rick Rick, TechSpot Staff, said:

The battery is supposed to be 1750mAh.. pretty respectable.

Guest said:

Hope the $199 price is correct..All these new $299 phones are a rip off. You all ready pay for the phone with the high monthly fees of service. The iPhone is $199 and I hope other phones fall in line if they even hope to compete with the iPhone. I've seen nothing yet that warrants the extra $100 these phone companies are trying to gouge out of ya. They just are testing the waters...If people stupidly pay $299 for new phones that will become the new standard phone prices..Hope people wise up and reject these over priced phones.

Guest said:

To be fair, most smartphones run from $499.99 to as high as 799.99. For Verizon to offer a smartphone to the general market at $299 is a bit of a deal considering that if you wanted to outright buy the phone you would pay 799.99. To some ppl I'm sure the 299.99 price tag is a bit hard on their budget, but its the cellphone providers game. If you wanna "play" you have to play by their rules.

lawfer, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Rick said:

The battery is supposed to be 1750mAh.. pretty respectable.

It's not so much the actual battery that worries me, but the fact that this phone comes with an LTE radio built-in. A 2000+ mAh battery would be respectable.

treetops treetops said:

dont hit the 3g mobile hotspot button on your verizon phone you will get charges without being notified

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