Weekend Open Forum: Your most outdated software?

By on April 6, 2012, 6:50 PM

Software developers have a knack for shooting themselves in the foot. In the name of progress, they introduce irrelevant features, clunky interfaces and shady monetization schemes. Before you know it, your favorite program is a warped husk of its former self, so you cling to the version you love -- even if it's a little archaic. Such is the case with several TechSpot staffers.

For instance, Steve edits his awesome hardware review pictures with a 14-year-old copy of Paint Shop Pro, while I still fire up FrontPage 2003. It's not quite the same, but Shawn uses the old school Windows Classic theme on Windows 7, and he prefers individual IM clients such as AIM over something like Pidgin. What outdated software do you refuse to upgrade and why?

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ramonsterns said:

I always use Classic theme on Windows as well.

gcarter gcarter said:

I agree with using old versions of PSP - I actually have a portable version I wheel out when I need to do some photo editing.

My old skool software which is installed on ALL of my machines is Acdsee 9... after v9 they screwed up the look of the thing, removed functionality etc etc. Although if I were to be brutally honest, the best version was Acdsee 5 which bundled with picaview (right click image preview) saw me through many years of photo viewing!

madboyv1, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Hey... if it still works, use what familiar~

As for old software... I think I've moved on for the most part on all my software... but for the longest time I remember using winzip 95, Photoshop 5.5, etc.

I miss Imageready, I should install CS2 just for imageready. XD

Guest said:

I still prefer LOTUS123 and use on XP 32 bit. Use Open Office Calc on Windows 7 64 bit. Open Office has a long way to go.

Felix Sanibel FL

blimp01 said:

windows classic and office 2003 is the way ive always done it

Guest said:

Great question for an open topic forum. For me, my favorite is Print Artist Classic, version 3 of what is now morphed into version 24. PA was bundled with an Epson 500 printer in about 1996 and was phenomenal in its simplicity and power for graphic and text manipulation. While PA Classic won't run on Windows 7 and I've long ago graduated to CorelDraw, whenever I fire up XP for a quick hit production, I still marvel at how neat PA Classic still is.

EEatGDL said:

Wow, no kidding Steve? Hehe, does W98 in virtual machine counts? I guess the oldest I have is Turbo C, gives me less headaches than Dev-C and is lighter than other programs like Eclipse, Visual Studio [damn, that one sucks in stability and performance] or NetBeans.

Guest said:

- ModPlugPlayer for playing my tracker/MOD music perfectly. Surprisingly still works well on Win7.

- AutoCAD 2006 over the newer AutoCADs.

- I still use the now defunct CDisplay program for reading comics in convenient CBZ and CBR formats.

- For the longest time, while people were using Media Player Classic, I just ended up installing my codecs and filters correctly and used the Windows Media Player 6.4 still available on WinXP (type "mplayer2" in your Run box). I only ended up moving to MPC after a long while because of some rather minor improvements over what I mainly used it for. And on Win7 machines.

Ranger1st Ranger1st said:

unopened package of MS-DOS 6.1.

Guest said:

Audigrabber 1.83 SE, Winamp 2.95rc, ModPlug Player, MS Bookshelf (98?), KNot v2.04b (cyloft software).

Program that i just left (~6 months) Flashget 2.x, Nero 6, Nokia Monitor Test.

That i remember.

It's like the developer didn't care anymore for performance or "tiny" programs.

cliffordcooley cliffordcooley, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Microsoft Streets 98 & Corel Photo Paint (I think version 6)

However I am using Paint.NET more often these days.

Tekkaraiden Tekkaraiden said:

Office 2007 (picked it up for $50 3 years ago) before that Office 2000. I remember acdsee and PSP, great programs until their developers bloated them.

Guest said:

I think this kind of nostalgia is the result of either a lack of will or a compulsive inability to learn new things. As with the infamous "Women and the VCR" ordeal, or old people and... well, everything. There's absolutely nothing some age-old lump of sofware-cancer can do that the newest version available today cannot!

The ONLY thing I can possibly think of, is drivers (in certain scenarios). Sometimes new drivers are bugged or don't perform as well as older drivers. But give it a few months and there will be another driver version out which fixes the problem.

I'm not even gonna start on what kind of psychosis makes you guys use Windows Classic Theme. AMG it's so haxxorz! Please... :)

Guest said:

i still use office 2002 cause i was last non fisher price looking office version i also was trained and passed the core office certification for all of office. also still use windows xp pro sp3 on two labtops cause they from 2004 and well not upgrade to windows 7. i still a few games that i got from 1995-1998 on virtural os windows ME

Guest said:

Photoshop 7 - because it works and it is just too expensive to keep upgrading.


Office XP - because newer versions suck. MS are the worst for "updates" that don't upgrade.

No start button in Win8....hahahaha....so that's progress ? Really ?

---agissi--- ---agissi---, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Photoshop 7 because its the best version. Fastest and most efficient feel. Its open right now even.

Guest said:

I have a "old" ThinkPad made by IBM back in 1998 that my Mom gave me when she got a new laptop when I was in elementary school. Still works, the battery barely holds a charge though, and it's been surpassed in every measurable test.

Call me sentimental but it was the first laptop I ever had and I don't have the heart to throw it out because of that.

shamus087 said:

XP professional. why use the fail versions after.

yorro said:

shamus087 said:

XP professional. why use the fail versions after.

Cuz it will no longer be supported? also Windows 7 is as close to XP as Vista to Windows ME

Guest said:

Nero 6 as all the other versions after that got blotted and lost the point. Do you want to burn CD/DVD or have all this junk that come with the newer versions.

Gars Gars said:

Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors (+ UserPatch v1.1 - http://www.xomicron.com/software/userpatch/)

Guest said:

i am still using acdsee v. 2.3 - it serves my purposes perfectly

Guest said:

I'm still using a 2002 version of OmniGraffle (although now I have to run it on an old iBook, as OSX 10.7 no longer supports PPC binaries). I never updated this version, but not because the new version has a bad interface or anything, but just because the first version was just perfect!

Gamesinner said:

Nero 7 is my oldest I think. The newer versions are over priced and full of bloat.

Zen Zen, TechSpot Paladin, said:

In my old computer software box, I've got an unopened copy of Microsoft Office 97, I think I might even have an unopened original copy of Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition.....don't ever see that sucker ever being opened!

veLa veLa said:

I have a desktop with Windows XP SP3 on it. It's not my primary machine of course; I keep it in the living room to handle the TV.

Guest said:

Another ACDSee 2.x user here. ACD Systems really shitted up their viewer horribly after 2.x but it still works fine on Windows 7, other than an occasional hang on animgifs.

Per Hansson Per Hansson, TS Server Guru, said:

Acdsee v2.43 It's more than a decade old...

To this day it is the fastest and most efficient picture viewer there is IMO

I use Irfanview when I need something more modern, but it's not as quick at rendering images...

For more advanced photography work I use Photoshop CS3

I'd love to be able to use older versions of AutoCAD but it's simply not possible due to incompatibility with the later versions of file formats, same with Solidworks...

When I use Win7 I use the Aero interface, I like it.

But for XP I prefer the classic interface, like in Windows 2000

Actually I prefer Windows 2000 over any modern OS but it's simply become too outdated due to planned obsolescence.

Tgard said:

Paperport 9 that came with a multi-function printer in 2007? maybe. I used Paperport 8 and older versions before that. Got used to being able to save my docs in pdf with this program way before I could find other (free or cheap) programs to do that, and could edit the pdf doc right in the paperport software without paying Adobe such a fortune at the times in the past when I needed the capability. Still have organized folders and stuff that I scanned maybe 10-12 years ago using some version of this software. And I like the fact that I didn't have to buy another program with money I didn't have at the time. Realized my other option was pirate some scanning/office program to do that because of lack of funds back in the day, but I wasn't too comfortable with that idea.. So I own it and still use it and it works with Win7 64 just fine; Hey, if it aint broke right?

I run Win7 in basic mode as I have an older game that doesn't play well with Aero.


Marnomancer Marnomancer said:

Advanced System Care 5. Never bothered to update it despite notifications. Maybe I'll update it now.

Guest said:

Not too much. I dont mind the new software if it's good. If software became bloated, I will find alternative new software. Actually I like to try new stuff.

gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Where is the QuickPar love out there, lol?

The oldest stuff I have are things like this, tiny little programs designed to do one thing, and one thing well. HJ split maybe, a couple of other file utilities that I find the need to use once in a while. But on a daily basis, probably QuickPar would be the oldest thing I use.

Guest said:

Paint Shop Pro 8, circa 2004.

Benny26 Benny26, TechSpot Paladin, said:

With me it was Creative Media Source 7.

Media Source 5 was amazing for free software (with my soundcard), It came with support for almost all music formats; It came with loads of free add-on software like Music editors and Midi makers. While...

Media Source 7 is awful, if not for a worse word. There is only a fraction of add-on software, most of it pretty useless anyway. But the biggest change is that the main music editing software has had MP3 support removed, which on most systems renders it a total lead weight on the hard drive now.

Doctor John Doctor John said:

Surely part of the attraction of antique software is that it is flaky, outdated, retro and generally crap? I thoroughly enjoy a go of "Chip's Challenge" or Hocus Pocus not because they are slick modern games, but because they are near as dammit obsolete :-)

And certainly not out of technophobia (else I'm in the wrong job!)

Guest said:

Som do I.

there is a problem

I Installed Windows 8, but, there isn't Classic Theme !

---agissi--- ---agissi---, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Guest said:

Nero 6 as all the other versions after that got blotted and lost the point. Do you want to burn CD/DVD or have all this junk that come with the newer versions.


Per Hansson Per Hansson, TS Server Guru, said:

For those of you clinging to old versions of Nero burning ROM.

There is a "Nero Lite" project, it's reached it's end of life but it's what I use anyway to cut down on the bloat http://updatepack.nl/

But anyway there are now better alternatives like the free Infrarecorder software http://infrarecorder.org/

Guest said:

Currently playing the original Half Life for the umpteenth time. Guess that counts as old software, but honestly it's timeless IMHO.

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I keep current on operating/utility software. Have contacts with MS so always get the latest OS and Office package for free. So my oldest software would have to be the game Zork.

amstech amstech, TechSpot Enthusiast, said:

We still run Office 2003 on several hundred user stations and Server 2003 R8 on dozens of servers.

Office 07 and 10 are no different but their pricing for licensing is a joke.

Guest said:

Nero 7 Essentials, and the majority of it is still compatible with Win 7 64bit.

Guest said:

Macromedia Fireworks 8. It's relatively small and works great!

steve1711 said:

Office 2002. Wprd amd Excel used every day) Lotus Organizer 6.1 - no other pim comes close - first used it on windows 3.1 now use it on win 7 64 bit. (Also used every day - same file from 15 year ago!) Pagemaker 7 - so much easier than opening Indesign.

Bibman Bibman said:

At work, we use Teledenken TOPDOC2 running on Windows95. It is a PLC interface software that is difficult to find hardware to run it on these days. We actually run IPDS motion software on a DOS 6.22 box, also. We are trying to convince the powers that be, that we can't support this much longer. Managers get I-Phones, maintenance can not get the software to keep our plant running. Pretty sad.

Uvindu said:

The oldest piece of software I use, would have to be Visual Studio 6 which I use for Visual Basic 6. It is compatible with Windows 95...

ehume said:

I first got into Paint Shop as shareware on a floppy. Upgraded to PSP 1, I think. Then 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. Guess which one I use? PSP 7. After that just bloatware. PSP 5 came on floppies, but PSP 7 was distributed on CD-ROM, and I kept all the updates so I have been able reinstall it with every rig change and OS update that comes along. I hope it never becomes incompatible.

Is it really 14 years old now? Hmmm.

unrealmp3 unrealmp3 said:

For me it's a tiny program called HashCalc. It's used to verify the checksum of a file using a bunch of different algorithm, and it wasn't updated in a while.

But the application works and I didn't encounter any bugs with it so far. No reason to update it, and I don't see any security concerns if no updates are made.

tonylukac said:

Wrote my resume on an old version of Wordperfect and never converted it to Office, altho I have Office. Haven't looked at in in a while, tho--needs updating. Another one I have is the game Myst which I have to do handstands to run since it officially runs on windows 95. Haven't run that one in a while, either.

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