Channel Performance: Memory

According to SiSoftware each memory module is worth roughly 8GB/s of memory bandwidth. A single DDR3-1333 module delivered roughly 8GB/s, while two reached 16GB/s, and finally with three we have the full 23.5GB/s.

The EVEREST results are quite different, for the first time we see a real difference when looking at the write results. With a single DDR3-1333 module, the write result was just 10.9GB/s. With two or three modules it was 11.9GB/s.

The real performance difference was again seen when looking at the read results. The single module allowed for a read bandwidth of 10.3GB/s, two reached 13.9GB/s, and three 14.7GB/s.

We didn't expect the SuperPI results to be virtually unaffected after disabling triple-channel memory. In fact, with a single DDR3-1333 module installed, the 32MB calculation was reduced by just under 30 seconds.