General Performance: Gaming

It would seem that the Core i7 965 Extreme Edition processor is able to power the GeForce GTX 280 at near full speed with just DDR3-800 memory. In fact, the only anomaly here was seen when running the DDR3-1333 memory at 1280x1024, where the frame rate jumped from 222fps to 229fps. Other than that we saw pretty much the same performance right across the board.

The Quake Wars results are a little different. At 1920x1200 we see small yet consistent gains, while at 1280x1024 the DDR3-1600 configuration was actually slower than the 1066 and 1333 configurations.

Finally, when testing with FarCry 2 we again see a very minimal difference in performance, even when comparing the DDR3-800 memory to the DDR3-1600 memory.