Benchmarks: F1 2016, Grand Theft Auto V, For Honor

F1 2016 is a surprisingly good game for testing CPU performance. When paired with the GTX 1060, on average the 7700K is 15% faster while that is reduced to 9% after installing the RX 480.

However, before getting too excited, the RX 480 is limiting the 7700K here and affording the 1800X the ability to catch up, so this isn't evidence of Ryzen performing better with an AMD GPU.

Using the GTX 1060, the 7700K was 9% faster on average and 6% faster with the RX 480 though again we are hitting a possible GPU bottleneck. Looking to the minimum frame rates this certainly seems to be the case as the 7700K was 5% faster with the 1060 and 6% faster with the 480.

It seems fair to say that in this title you are going to extract maximum performance from either processor, using either an AMD or Nvidia GPU.

There isn't too much point reading into For Honor's results. Using the 1800X we see that the GTX 1060 and RX 480 deliver much the same performance, again margin of error stuff.

For whatever reason we are hitting a CPU bottleneck with the 1800X and this allowed the 7700K to deliver almost 30% more performance with the GTX 1060, which doesn't seem right.

Some Ryzen optimization needs to be done here. That said, under realistic conditions this is primarily a GPU-bound game, so it's a bit of a non-issue.