Benchmarks: Very Low 1080p

For those wanting to play PUBG at 1080p with the very low quality settings it looks like you'll see respectable frame rates from the old HD 7970 and by extension the R9 280X. The 7950 also did well, spitting out 58fps on average while the GTX 660 Ti was good for 55fps.

The much loved 750 Ti did fine to render 46fps and was actually playable. The RX 550 and GT 1030 still can't provide playable performance at 1080p even using the lowest possible quality settings.

The once mighty GTX 580 matched the GTX 760 and was actually slower than the GTX 660 Ti. The GTX 780 Ti did surprisingly well given how poorly it has aged in more advanced modern titles. In fact, the R9 290 was only able to match the vanilla GTX 780 and while that is still a good result for the old AMD graphics card, it's generally much faster in modern titles.

For those after a second-hand graphics card to play on low or medium quality settings, the GTX 780, R9 290, R9 280X, 7970 and even the GTX 680 are all good options.