Silverstone Sugo SG10

The Sugo SG10 is the latest Silverstone small form factor computer case in a long line of successful releases. Having spent years gaming with the SG04-FH, it didn't take much convincing to get me to review the SG10.

Based on virtually the same design as the SG09, Silverstone has created the SG10 to be a more attractive computer case. The key to the design is the new 7mm thick aluminum front panel which is worlds more attractive than the ventilated plastic panel of the SG09.

The SG10 has the same 23 liter capacity as the SG09, as well as the same dimensions of 220 mm (W) x 295 mm (H) x 354 mm (D). That said it is slightly heavier, weighing 5.8kg opposed to 5.3kg of the SG09.

Front on the SG10 is rather bland, though that's part of the point. The majority of the design is dominated by a removable fan grill which features a removable dust filter embedded within it. Underneath this panel is the front I/O which includes a pair of USB 3.0 ports, two audio jacks and the standard power and reset buttons. Although they are not hidden, the buttons and connectors do not diminish the design in any way and are easy to access, making them highly practical.

At the top of the front panel you will notice a slit cut out which looks suspiciously like a slot for tray-less optical drives and yes that is exactly what it is for. However it is important to note that only 12.7mm/9.5mm slim optical slot loading drives are supported and these can be hard to come by. That said, I personally have not used an optical drive in several years, so for me at least this is not an issue.

Moving around to the left hand side panel you will notice a surprisingly large amount of fan grills for such a small case. Additionally you may also notice a screw which is almost in the middle of the panel and this is where the SG10 becomes even more unique. There are two separate removable panels covering the case that join towards the middle of the left side.

The join itself isn't terribly noticeable, as a plastic fan shroud complete with removable dust filters goes a long way in disguising it. The lower panel with the fan shroud comes with a pre-installed 120mm fan, while it is possible to install an additional two 80mm fans. The rectangular honeycomb grill above is designed to allow hot air out of the case which is expelled by the power supply unit.

The opposite side door which is one piece also covering the top and half of the left side features a small extrusion to improve cable management, with a small square honeycomb fan grill that allows cool air into the case.

On top we have another removable plastic fan shroud featuring its own dust filter. This shroud is covering a massive 180mm air penetrator in-take fan which is designed to push air over the CPU and other critical system components.

Around the back the SG10 continues to be unique as there is no slot for the power supply. Rather it is mounted sideways within the case while a short extension cord runs to the rear. Along with the I/O panel there are four expansion slots allowing for a pair of dual-slot graphics cards to be installed. There is also another pre-installed 120mm fan, this particular fan is designed to act as an exhaust, forcing hot air out of the case.

In total there are three pre-installed fans which provide the SG10 with a great deal of air-flow. Additionally, the front removable fan grill is designed to utilize the power supply fan, while the SG10 can support PSUs as long as 180mm. Given the size of the case that's pretty good, as is the 165mm CPU cooler height restriction and 337mm graphics card length support.