The Web is turning 30 years old this month and clearly we've come a long way since Tim-Berners Lee wrote his paper proposing an information management system to facilitate information-sharing between physicists in universities and institutes around the world. Nowadays it's hard to imagine what life would be like without the web; it's permeated virtually -- and not so virtually -- every aspect of our lives and shaped the way do things.

Although for many the web is synonymous with the internet, they're actually two separate things. Simply put, the internet is the infrastructure upon which the web runs alongside things like email, instant messaging, cloud services, video calling, movie streaming, file-sharing, and the list goes so on. It's not a stretch for people to make that mistake, though, as many things you do online can be done through a web browser -- including the aforementioned email, messaging, and even watching Netflix.

Thirty years has brought along a lot of changes to the World Wide Web where we've witnessed how it evolved from static to brimming with activity and creativity. As we commemorate another anniversary let's look back at some of the events and milestones that helped transform the web into what it is today.