Samsung is not happy about a Grand Theft Auto V mod that turns the literally explosive Galaxy Note 7 into an in-game bomb. The company is trying to erase videos of the mod from YouTube, abusing the DMCA in the process.

The DMCA, or Digital Millennium Copyright Act, is a law that specifically relates to digital copyright infringement. Companies use the DMCA to issue takedown notices to websites like YouTube when a user has uploaded copyrighted content like films or music, however the Galaxy Note 7 mod for GTA V doesn't really infringe on the DMCA.

The mod videos are also quite clearly a satirical parody of the whole exploding Galaxy Note 7 saga, which is generally protected under various laws.

Samsung has only taken down a small selection of GTA V mod videos at this stage, so it's not clear if someone at Samsung has manually requested takedowns for some videos, or whether the process was automatic. In any case, it's still easy to find videos demonstrating the mod's functionality through a simple search.

The GTA V mod featuring the Galaxy Note 7 is surprisingly simple: it replaces the sticky bomb with a 3D model of the Note 7, so in game characters react to the Note 7 in the same way as they would for a regular bomb. Anyone interested in some laughs can download the mod from GTA5-Mods, thanks to modder HitmanNiko.