We all know that the internet is big - really big. But while there are over 1.1 billion websites out there, it's the top 100 that bring in most of the web's traffic. Singapore web hosting service Vodien has created an excellent infographic showing the most popular websites in the US, ranked by traffic, using data from Analytics firm Alexa.

The image shows which websites are linked as businesses, with the circle sizes representing how highly they rank. Alphabet, for example, is connected to four sites in the top 100, including numbers one and two - Google.com and YouTube, respectively.

Vodien has also color-coded each website by category and noted how many times each one appears in the top 100. The most popular type of sites are News publications, turning up 14 times, Social Media is the second most popular (12 appearances), followed by Web and File Hosting sites (11 times).

There are three porn sites in the top hundred, with Pornhub the highest ranked at number 33, along with a couple of torrent/illegal streaming sites (thepiratebay.org at 78). And while both companies are having long-running problems, Yahoo.com (number 5) and Twitter.com (number 9) remain in the top ten.

As noted by Business Insider, the difference in traffic between the number one site and those near the bottom of the list is huge. Google.com brings in 28 billion visitors per month, over 500 times more than Citi.com, which sits at number 98 and has 53 million per month.

Click here to see the full-size infographic