Benchmarks: Sleeping Dogs, Battlefield 4

The HD 5870 struggled in Sleeping Dogs with FXAA and SSAO enabled, only hitting 23fps at 1080. The 6970 was 35% faster than that with 31fps while the 7970 was 52% faster than the 6970. The 7970 GHz Edition offered 11% more performance than the standard 7970, while the R9 290X was 33% faster than it.

Boosting the resolution to 2560x1600 crushed the HD 5870 and its 1GB frame buffer limited performance to just 5fps. The 6970 didn't fare much better despite offering 180% more performance with 14fps. The 7970 climbed to 26fps making it 86% faster than the 6970 and the R9 290X was 34% faster than the 7970 GHz Edition.

The HD 5870 provided a respectable 38fps at 1080p in Battlefield 4 and as a result the 6970 was just 24% faster. The 7970 was able to deliver 51% more performance than the 6970 with an impressive 71fps, the 7970 GHz Edition averaged just 4fps more for a 6% increase, and the R9 290X delivered another 33% boost for 100fps.

For the most part, the 2560x1600 results were much the same, though the 5870 was hurting again due to its limited frame buffer, allowing the 6970 to be 43% faster.