10+ Ways to Free Up Space in Windows


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ok.. at times the files wont delete what should be done then you just skip and get rid of the files that are deleteable?
The simplest answer to give here is 'yes'. Any files placed into a temp folder aren't required for routine use, so one can happily get rid of them.


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Sadly the installation folder is not always unused after installation.

  1. Settings changes in applications sometimes require the installation folder.
  2. Applications use installation folders as icon locations.
  3. Applications even require the installation folder for upgrading to new builds.

I find it all ridiculous. But those are issues I have run into during cleaning out temporary/installation locations.


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Stick to the article topic, please folks.
The problem is you are always going to have FROs like DQ spewing BS to fit their political narrative in any site that has a reader's comment section.

As to the problem at hand, one thing I wish MS would do is to remove the user's "Download" folder from the Disk Cleanup and from the "Storage" option in "Settings". It is mentioned in Settings, but not obvious when using Disk Cleanup. I have seen a few people check it and then lose the files that they had saved in their Download folder. For example, most browsers will save a downloaded PDF/JPG/etc. file in the Download folder (unless you change the browser settings). The average person goes with the browser defaults. And, please no BS that they should know better, not everyone that uses a computing device is a technical person.
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