1080p TV versus 1920x1200 Res Monitor

By Razmo · 5 replies
Nov 5, 2007
  1. Guys/Gals,

    Maybe someone can help me out here. My primary goal is to essentially gain optimal graphics for gaming but I'm curious about size versus graphics as well.

    For examples sake, should I assume that a 24" Dell 1920x1200 monitor will show greater detail than a 24" HDTV (1080p)? My guess is yes, because it the dell supports higher resolution.

    I'm curious whether it makes more sense to plug my PC into a HDTV for gaming instead so that I can get larger size at 1080p but maybe it's doesn't work this way??

  2. Cinders

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    Gaming at 1920X1200 is going to take two huge video cards in an SLI or Crossfire setup and render video detail you will not be able to appreciate most of the time while playing on a 24" monitor. You'll also have to find games that support 1920X1200 or 1920X1080 screen resolutions, and I'm guessing that most games don't. If you want decent eye candy and good frame rates to boot, I'd choose a less demanding video setup like a 32"-36" 720P monitor. Your targets will be bigger and movement will be more obvious. If you absolutely have to have 1080P or 1920X1200 then I'd buy a big screen TV to fill that role.

    I've been thinking about the same thing for quite some time. A 1080P screen would be real nice, but rendering at least 30 frames per second at all times at that screen resolution would require $600.00-$1000.00 dollars worth of video cards alone.

    If your screen resolution climbs but the size of your monitor doesn't then the details get smaller and smaller ain't good. I already have a 21" monitor and a screen resolution of 1280X1024, and sombody off in the distance shooting at me can be as small as five or six pixels wide by two or three pixels tall. I might see the target if I know exactly what the terrain should look like and I notice an eighteen (6 x 3 = 18) pixel difference in the terrain of over a million pixels. I've done it before but usually only after being warned that somebody was there.

    I also might see the target as it shoots at me. I could see the muzzle flash and hear the shot, but they have already shot at me and they have the advantage.

    If I really had my way a single pixel would be about the size of my finger tip that would make my well hidden distance shooter about 2"-2.5" wide on my video screen. I'd be able to see the target better at that size.
  3. Razmo

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    Thanks Cinders!

    I am looking to outfit a new PC. I'd love to be able to run any DX10 game at full AA and AF at 1920 x1200 but, I hadn't thought about this being too small at 24". I also didn't think to question whether the game supports the native resolution.

    I was hoping the Dell 2407WFP-HC 24-inch monitor would cover it but I worry about whether ghosting will be a problem hence the question whether a 1080p TV makes more sense. The dell monitor does claim to support full 1080p support. Do PC games support 1080p?

    I plan to start with one overclocked Nvidia 8800GT and upgrade to another if needed. I also plan to upgrade to liquid cooling if needed. I'll be running a Core 2 Duo E6850 at 3ghz, 2gb Corsair and a Raptor 10k HD for gaming. I plan to store all other data on a 7200k HD.
  4. Razmo

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    This is certianly looking like a reasonable choice..Can anyone comment on ACER? After reading some reviews on the dell. It seems to have ghosting issues. I have absolutely zero experience with ACER but the specs certainly shine!

    Acer P241WBD Black 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor


  5. fairytale00

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    Yes the above monitor is good both the specs and the price .
  6. Razmo

    Razmo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    What sort of experience do you have with ACER? Do you own this monitor?

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