12.5 million people download Opera 10.10 in first week

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Opera announced today that its November 23 launch of Opera version 10.10 has shattered previous download records. Within one week, 12.5 million people downloaded the Web browser's latest build. This marks a 25% increase from the download rate of Opera 10, which the company released only two months earlier.

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I'm guessing a large majority of these downloads are from people just wanting to test the new release. Heck, I think I'll go and download 10.10 now and see what the fuss is all about.


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I am going to have to agree with Se7enVII on this one as my biggest complaint about Opera is the freeze that happense when you try to go full screen in any flash application. The whole browser locks up and you have to wait 5-20 seconds for it to actually activate at which point you can then go full screen. This is even after enabling hardware acceleration in Flash. I finally gave up and went back to FireFox as I couldn't stand it anymore.


Opera 10.10 seems to hang up on me also. After using it to browse a newspaper website, other applications, such as Songbird, used afterward, don't terminate properly. Can't use it.


Been using Opera for around a decade now, it does have problems with certain sites, but it's usually not their fault, alot of sites refuse to comply with web standards. I have problems with the flash beta, but its a beta, so I don't really expect it to work without some bugs. I wish flash would die anyway, it stinks that so many popular sites use it.

The built in ad blocker rocks in Opera as well. Just right click and select block content, and pick which ad to block.

I haven't tried unite yet, but I plan on trying it with some friends that use Opera.


Opera is the way to go after using Firefox and Chrome for the last year or so. I am sick of the hype that those 2 browsers get and in my view Opera has been very underestimated. I would not touch it a couple of years ago but since version 9.0 it has been my favourite way of accessing the web. I have occasional issues with (e.g. on my LAN, the web console management webpage for my server would not display properly) it but its speed and simplicity outweights everything.

Go Opera !!!


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Not a fan of opera but I like the new changes. Especially the whole Opera Unite thing very unique.


Been using Opera for many years. It's different enough from IE that it can coexist without trying to compete. Also the geek credit factor is small which is a good thing.


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Opera is good browser. I feel it Several times. But major community never experience that, Bcus of Crazy IE, Chrome and Opera are best free Browser Softwares Available.


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I too have been using Opera for about 10 years now, it seems odd to me that 10.10 got so many downloads...

If I had to guess a reason why its because Opera 10 will automatically download the update for you.

I don't have any issues with it going full screen with flash, seems to work fine for me, no delay.


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Been using Opera for several years now. Other browsers just seem kinda clumsy.
Can't say I've had any issues with the 10.10 so far.


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i haven't tried the new version of this browser, now i'm using firefox, and I'm very comfortable with it, but if I changed It would probably be chrome, which is faster than firefox but needs more RAM


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I've been switching between Firefox and Opera at home.I use FF for daily browsing and i use Opera when my wireless is really slow for some reason or when i need a proxy (turbo acts just like a proxy server).
Compared to 9, Opera 10 is a lot better. Now all i need is the final version of FF 3.6.


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dhanushka83 said:
Opera is good browser. I feel it Several times. But major community never experience that, Bcus of Crazy IE, Chrome and Opera are best free Browser Softwares Available.
dont make me laugh firefox is a better browser than all of the ones you listed you would have to be blind to think that opera is better.


Go Opera!
I've been using it for years now and will continue to do so :D

No Flash issues for me either.

Per Hansson

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I've been using Opera for well over a decade, I simply love it
Chrome is also nice, especially on sites very heavy on Javascript, like the Swedish site prisjakt.nu (like pricerunner but with a billion times better search engine)


I'm a long time Opera user, I use Opera and Firefox depending on need but far prefer Opera for several key features:

1) Firefox 3.5 has some weird display issues with high dynamic range images (exhibits clipping in highlights and shadows) which is related to it's colour management. This has been seen in XP, Vista and Win 7 on multiple systems with calibrated and non-calibrated screens.

2) Firefox consumes more RAM, when it's got almost the same comparable functionality as Opera though extensions. With the same pages/usage patterns, plus Opera releases memory more readily.

3) Opera Link is a great way to share your bookmarks, notes, history, etc between my mobile/desktop computers.

4) Unite gives me control over my own content so I can decide who I want to share it with.

5) Opera is faster at both loading web pages and starting up.

6) In Linux Flash is far more stable with Opera than any other browser. The pain with some distros is that Opera IPv6 support is flaky.

7) Functionality is far greater out of the box with Opera, but they doesn't really advertise it's there so most people don't realise what's under the hood.

8) Tabs, Opera still has the best tab system of all the browsers. Thumbnails, locked tabs, drag and create new window and so on.

9) Shortcuts. Got several ways to open multiple pages either by assigning a word/letters to the bookmark folder or by creating a session. This way you can open 20-30 pages in seconds.

Before you think I'm a Opera fanboy some things that really need to be dealt with:

1) lack of meaningful widgets. Yes Opera is extensible but how easy is it? Also it's not advertised as broadly as Firefox. They way Widgets is also going to be different in 10.20 as they are going to be semi-independent applications in that they will run without Opera running but Opera still needs to be installed.

2) Dragonfly is a great start but we have to wait till the next Presto engine to get the new features? That's a long time between development cycles to improve functionality.

3) Better support for existing features, Opera has a nasty habit of adding features and then leaving them to languish.

In many ways Opera is for power users and researchers who spend some time learning it's quirks and features. Opera could spend a lot more time making it far more accessible to everyone, but like the additions of features Opera has a hands off approach which to be honest has hurt them.

Another factor is that Opera has never spent big bucks on advertising their browser, but yet pretty much dominates the mobile device market and is featured on some consoles.

It's not the perfect browser but in many ways it's far more refined and in comparison to Firefox 3.5 far more secure out of the box. Since 3.5 came out it's had 5 updates for both stability and security, Opera has had two; one was a security release and the second was a feature/bug fix. A lot of people feel that 3.5 was rushed out of the door and the subsequent releases back this up.


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Been using Opera since 2005 and have so far been satisfied with its performance. Its not perfect but a lot better in speed and in customising it copmared to IE, firefox and Chrome which i also use from time to time. Opera's speed, tab browsing & recovering previously closed tabs/pages beats them all in my book.


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unless someone can point me to a way to get mouse gestures working in Opera I will be sticking with firefox :) Firefox extensions rule!


Been using Opera for several years now... every time I try a new browser, I always come back to Opera somehow.


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Opera is better than Internet Explorer. Firefox is better than Opera. The test will be Google's browser.


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I guess I'll give this a try but I'm still happy with Firefox. Personally I'd prefer a browser with less features and bloat, something that is incredibly fast with low memory consumption.
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