It has been quite some time since Opera promised to "reinvent the web" with Unite, but the feature has finally been rolled into the latest version of its free browser. For those who missed the announcement back in June, Unite basically turns any computer into both a client and a server, allowing things like file transfer, media streaming and photo sharing without having to resort to third party websites or applications.

More than 30 different applications for Unite are already available here and Opera is getting the community involved by running a competition where developers can win prices for creating the best ones. For users worried about security, Opera said that Unite runs in a "secured sandbox", which allows them to control access to just the files or folders on their computer that they want to share with others.

Opera 10.10 features Opera Turbo as well, a server-side optimization and compression technology that provides improvements in browsing speeds by compressing network traffic, and Opera Link to synchronize your Speed Dial, bookmarks, notes and other useful data. Those who have already been working with beta versions of the release will not find many changes to previous builds in this final version, but they are still encouraged to download it here to get the latest bug fixes and security updates.