15 Titles Every PC Gamer Should Own

Kids these days ... sigh. I singed up to post one word. Zork

Okay, a few more words.
Total Annihilation is by far the best RTS game, ever.


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The problem with these games is that, as with many games these days, in lack of different strong points, they compensate with be it generic AI, or different fillers to actually buy more time you spend in games.
Also, I tried to play half life 2, and the graphics were cringe for me. When this game came out, it was amazing with stunning graphics. I remember sitting in the level with lots of water, and admiring the beautiful scenery. I went to the same place (many years later) and everything looked bland. I think back then we were not used to graphics we have these days, and we used our imagination instead... So, for us, these games when they came out, looked like nothing we seen before... we were left in awe. Not so much these days. I'd rather open a game of old chess game.
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Seen several comments here saying "why are there no RTS. CoH missing!" One of these comments got 8 likes.

Did anyone actually read it? CoH is in the list and Starcraft 2 in the honorable mentions.
Because the article was updated after the comment was written:
We have reacted to your feedback by addressing some of these holes based on the games we had already considered for the list but did not make it on the original piece. You will see CoH added to the main list and many others added as Classics/Honorable mentions.


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Kids these days ... sigh. I singed up to post one word.


Okay, a few more words.

Total Annihilation is by far the best RTS game, ever.
Total Annihilation is an incredible example of an RTS, still played today in multiplayer, with many videos on Youtube.

Some other defining games that I have played would include Dune 2, Diablo 2, Fallout and the original Deus Ex. But I can see why modern gamers wouldn't go near them today.

For more modern games worth a play, and based on what I own, I'd suggest:
XCOM2 - stylish, tactical gameplay with mod support.
MGS V: TPP - an unfinished game but still enjoyable with good graphics.
Skyrim / Fallout 3 / Fallout 4 - to learn about mods.
Mass Effect 2/3. It's a pity that the first game is a little more difficult to get into for newer gamers, but it makes 2 and 3 so much better. The suicide mission in 2 is magnificent, as was the Lair of the Shadowbroker DLC.
Dishonored - a beautiful sneaking game. I didn't like the sequel.
Deus Ex Human Revolution - a more modern Deus Ex. I didn't like Mankind Divided.
They Are Billions - a devious but addictive RTS. Unfortunately it stopped working for me months ago.
Battletech - a modern version of a classic tabletop game.


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You forgot Crysis, F.E.A.R series, Farcry 1, 3 & 5.............. Also forgot HALF-LIFE & also Soldier of Fortune!
I played 11 of these, and finished them all. Good list, but of course, YMMV.
For me, Monkey Island 1 & 2 will always have a place in my gamerheart.

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Many great games in the list and some that have place there.

Also it is quite astonishing that there is not one racing game present, Need for Speed should have been included.

There are no sport sim games, like FIFA games - which I have not played, but really have been well liked by tons of players.
I think this is a good list and the author deserves some props! People complaining about the prevailing number of RPG games are perhaps forgetting that titles like The Witcher 3 and Divinity Original Sin 2 are some of the best made PC games ever, regardless of genre. I know many devoted FPS/RTS gamers who highly praised and appreciated the amount of care and attention to the detail that went into these games in delivering a near flawless PC gaming experience. Moreover, 15 is far too small a number for proper balance job, especially considering the sheer diversity of PC gaming.

The games I think should've made the list - Planescape: Torment, Max Payne 2, BioShock, Morrowind, Civilization V, Subnautica, Binding of Isaac.


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Some of those & ..
hitman blood money
kane & lynch: dead men
Torchlight 2
quake 1 2 & 3
unreal tournament
sam n max (1993)
Day of the tentacle (old as well, made by George Lucas the star wars creator but its a humor puzzle adventure, no siths.)
elder scrolls 4: oblivion
deus ex 2 invisible war
nazi zombie army
half life 1+2
day of defeat + dod source
wolfenstein reboot 1+ 2 + the old blood
world in conflict (rts narrated by alec baldwin)
call of juarez gunslinger
insurgency (the free hl2 mod not the retail version)
red orchestra
shadowgrounds survivor
grim fandango
star trek
tom clancy's rogue spear , tom clancy's vegas 2
star wars republic commando
starship troopers - the fps
Zombie master hl2 mod
Natural Selection.


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"Every PC gamer should own"? These are quite different genres, and it's likely that most gamers don't cover all these genres. Even if they do, there's no real need to own certain old games.

Really, there are no games that "every PC gamer should own". You could make a list of "best FPS", "best RPG", etc., and that might have some value. Even then, nothing is a "must own".

Or perhaps there's a distinction here from "must play". We all know that people buy a lot more than they play. Maybe you're trying to imply that owning certain games (even if not playing them) is good as a bragging point or something?
Seen several comments here saying "why are there no RTS. CoH missing!" One of these comments got 8 likes.

Did anyone actually read it? CoH is in the list and Starcraft 2 in the honorable mentions.

Except for LoL, I think this is pretty damn solid list.
Well there are so many RTS but CoH I never wanted to play the rest of the real RTS games are missing. my favorite C&C is not even mentioned.
Its pure his favorite games and should be taken with a enormous load of salt.
There is besides skyrim nothing else of my favorites in this list ...
A few things on this list I dont agree with, leave out world of warcraft and LOL. replace them with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series and Crysis. The list is ok except for those two.


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Masters of Orion (1993) if we are going back to old games. I still play it when the Internet goes out (Get it on Good Old Gaming). GTAV should be on that list but I see others have mentioned it. Gaming should be fun and you are for sure missing Borderlands 2. The humour..the feel..the graphics..the maps are all just superb. Everytime I play..I'm having fun and I'm chuckling...isn't that what a game should be? Heck...even the first Supreme Commander was a ton of RTS fun. Once you get to the sequel the AI just cheats massively and you can't have any fun =(