17 Different 15-Inch LCD Displays Review

By NewsWare
May 12, 2003
  1. The last few months we saw a robust price drop of the LCD-screens and especially the 15-inchers became very payable. Also new pcs are more and more standard deliverd with a beautiful LCD-screen instead of a classic CRT-monitor. The looks, space saving and the high clarity makes LCD-screens very attractive for pc-users. But the offer is large and the differences arent always clear. I searched a few things out for you and tested seventeen 15-inch LCD-screens.

    The test Method

    All screens were connected via their analogous 15-pins VGA-connector to a pc with an AMD Athlon XP 2200+ processor, 512MB DDR333 and a Geforce 4 TI4200 128MB Deluxe. Screens with a digitale DVI-connector were connected on the DVI-output of the Geforce 4 Deluxe. For the image quality-test I made use of the Nokia Monitor tester, a special LCD-test of VNU Labs and the ProphetView LCD tester from Hercules. The attention goes to clarity, contrast proportion, image mistakes, line resolution and
    color reproduction. Furthermore I looked at a webpage as well as a Word-document that both have quite many text in different letter types and sizes contain. This points on the technical specs (response time, resolution, contrast-ratio, clarities degree, etc.) and on the presence of extra possibilities as speakers, USB-hib, DVI, turn possibilities, etc. In the end I award maximum ten points closed on calculation of my general impression.

    17 Different 15-Inch LCD Displays Review
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