200 gig HDD thinks its a 120 gig

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Feb 13, 2005
  1. well, as the title sugests, my HDD is having an identity crisis. Im pretty sure there is a windows update or something like that that will smooth this out for me, or ne other ideas someone can suggest? its a western digital 200 gig with 8 meg cache. Cheers.
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    now is the time for calm and patience your hard drive is obviously confused and arguing with it may only lead to further instablity and denial on it's part. talking to it in subdued soothing tones may help but professional intervention may be necessary. keep in mind it could be worse your hard drive could have suddenly decided it was a fire truck.

    ok couldnt resist that one. now, please tell us your system spec's including the make and model of your hard drive. how old is your hard drive? was it installed and functionaing correctly or is this from having just installed it? is it installed on the onboard IDE or on a PCI IDE controller? if you just installed it did you use the manufacturer's install disk to set it up?
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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    First we need to know your full system specs including what version of Windows you are using. You can enter these in user profile at the top of any page just click on edit profile.

    Also I suggest that you do a Google search for 48 bit lba support

    This is because depending on which version of Windows you are using also depends on the size of HDD that your OS will recognise.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

    P.S You may also need to update your Bios as well.
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    I recently had this same problem. I had bought a new WD 200Gig HD and installed it, but I could only access 137Gig. So, after much scourring I contacted Gateway Support. (Yes, I have a gateway) Lo and behold they had the answers. Seems my motherboard (read: motherboard...not software, not bios...motherboard) had a max HD Limit.

    I'm no expert about all things computer related but, the answer to your problem may be there.

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    cheers all for the replys. my main board is a P4S5A/DX+ or so i have been led to belive. the HDD is on a PCI IDE controller, it works fine, no probs what so ever, and ever since i bought it it has had this small phycolgical problem. its not my main board thats the problem either coz its been a bit of a slutty HDD and been around a few comps, and had the same problem. someone told me about a service patch or something along those lines for windows that can give the poor wee thing a bit of TLC. Im on windows XP home edition.
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    If i were you i would go to the manufacturer and see if they have an updated driver that usually solves the problem

    Just my two cents!
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