21 First Person Shooters you shouldn't have missed



No Golden eye? I would say that's one of the most influential shooters ever.


Some other games I played back in the day... just some.. cant list them all hahaha...
today.. I just play the deus ex and quake franchises... haven't even touch a game this year...

Blake Stone: Aliens Of Gold
Nitemare 3D
The Terminator: Skynet - wow.. this was a fun one...
Urban Terror
Kingpin - nice... add "fluid" graphics.. lol
SiN - great headshots... hum.. reminded me another one.. that one that had a parashoot..
Alien vs Predator
Starship Troopers - weird graphics..
Deus Ex - just out of this world.. best ever... in the end having all that power... godlike...
Delta Force - game engine... the lan partys.....
Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force...
Soldier of Fortune - >:)
.... and so on....

I'm actually sadden I haven played the more recent fps.. but back in the day.. I played them all.... even those that no one knows about...


Medal Of Honor Allied Assault should most definitely have been in this list and there is no valid excuse you can give for not including it! It set the pace for WWII first-person shooters both offline & online. Of all the FPS's I played (and that's just about all of them having been a reviewer myself!) this was the one I have the fondest memories of playing with a clan online. Call of Duty came along later and tidied up a few rough edges but MOHAA was the first big leap and in one or two ways CoD was no improvement to its unique style. Good try but sorry, no cigar!
first of all great list Matthew!
For those who love, like you said:
The Doom Era (92-94)
3D Gaming Arrives (96-97)

I recommend to play Project Warlock
I think you will fall in love with this game