2100: Detection Error on HDD0 (Main HDD); Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga

Rahul Kewlani

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Hello everyone,
One fine evening while watching a movie, my laptop stopped responding and in frustration I switched off the laptop by holding the power button long enough to turn off. Next Morning it showed a blue screen and a message to recover my windows, which I failed to do and by the afternoon this message showed up. Detection Error on HDD0 (main HDD) and hence forth I've been unable to install windows from a USB drive since ( and I suppose) it is not able to read my HDD. I do not care about my data at all, I just want my laptop up and running. If I can have the data back it will be perfect otherwise I don't mind not getting my data back. I know for a fact that my Hard disk is fine because I went into command prompt, diskpart , and list disk, and saw the status of HDD as healthy, this is after the error (detection error on HDD). SO my question is: Why this error? IS there a problem in the motherboard? Why the error shows once and then doesn't show the next time and then comes up again.


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The error might be bad sectors, but I'm not sure. if my guessing is correct, you might have to get a new drive to replace. also you need to reinstall OS


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Hello there,
It's highly probable that your HDD is failing. Look for the HDD manufacturer testing tool and run it to scan the health of the HDD. A quick/fast test that displays only the SMART status should be enough to show if the problem is with the HDD. Another option is that the Windows installation is broken and in such case using a windows recovery CD might be able to repair it. However I will try this only after I have checked the HDD health. Good luck.


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I know this is an old post but I wanted to add this for others who might have the problem. This machine has an SSD that connects to a cable and I've run into a number of them that have issues because they appear they weren't connected properly to begin with and just a little nudge makes them finally unable to connect. Often it will be intermittent and you can make the computer boot by just pressing down on the top side of the machine while it boots. If so then it's definitely the cable connection. Usually re-seating this cable on both ends solves the problem.