2800$ USB Flash Drive

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Jul 27, 2006
  1. Rick

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  2. F1N3ST

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    Yeah, i saw that, that was an accident im sure lol.

    High speed USB2.0 (480mbps) Found it. In the specs.
  3. i_am_a_newbie

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    How massively overpriced is that? I'd rather buy the 80gb Ipod and use that, personally.
  4. Rick

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    Yes, I was very skeptical of this as well. But a quick search reveals others.

    BUSlink's 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive PRO 2 Series

    Kangaru 64GB

    This is actually kind of exciting. I've heard of flash drives this big, but they were in the neighborhood of $18,000. Now they have thumb drives with this capacity and the price is considerably lower. Just a few more years. :)
  5. SNGX1275

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    Great, then we'll have people putting even more important data on them without having backups. Then for no apparent reason the drive will become unusable in XP anymore.

    Flash manufacturers are going to have to fix the drive failure rate before I trust anything I put on a USB Stick to be there next time I plug it in. Just do a forum search and take a look at all the people that have had problems.
  6. N3051M

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    By the time it reaches common consumer lines that would be Vista...

    Its cool that there's flash disks getting better, smaller, bigger (capacity) and gradual lowering prices.. but at least flash, doesn't shatter like hdds when dropped nor has machanical components....

    But i do agree, those drives need to be made more reliable and easier to repair if need be...
  7. Tedster

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    I agree. There has to be a better solution to static ram.
    NEVER put anything on a flash drive you're not willing to risk losing. Always back it up.
  8. Rick

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    I disagree with the implied message here, although I share the concern.

    The fact is, flash memory technology is far more reliable than mechanical storage. There's no reason for it not to be. The data stored on flash drives is stored physically and permanently using transistors and gates... Not some fragile magnetic dust sprinkled on a glass disc, hoisted on a spindle that twirls it 7200 times a minute. That's data suicide and its been that way since the 50s!

    But the odd complaints people have of 'missing data' and 'mah flash drive don't work no more' raises concern. Perhaps companies are engineering pitful implementations or maybe manufacturers are totally cutting corners... But flash storage is reliable. I double dog pinky swear.. Scouts honor. :)

    For example, I have a 2 1/2 year old, 1GB flash drive (PQI i-Stick), which happens to be the smallest consumer flash drive available (Has been since it came out, or at least up until recently). I've plugged that thing in and out of over a thousand computers for sure and probably more than ten thousand times. I've never lost a single kilobyte. Because I keep it in my wallet, it's cracked from having my fat *** on top of it all day - and it still works! ;)

    I'm not sure what Sandisk, Lexar and company are doing, but I'm sure this random data loss stuff is not related to the reliability of well-made, flash technology.

    Just gotta stick up for flash, since no one else will. :)
  9. kitty500cat

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  10. SNGX1275

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    Rick - I'm not sure whats going on with people's USB Sticks either, but my Sandisk 1GB died about a month or 2 after I got it. I fixed it with 98se and have been using it with various operating systems over many different computers and haven't had a problem since. Its a couple years old as well. So maybe the companies are doing something wrong initially with their file system and or partition...
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