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Sep 10, 2006
  1. i have an athlon 64 3500+, 1 gig dual channel mushkin blueline ddr400, asus a8v mobo, and an egeneering sample 6800u. i have a zalman copper cooler, with antec silver thermel paste. i also have a lian li case. my have my system overclocked as follows(as best as i can remember): Cpu @ 2.38(216x11), cpu voltage is at 1.5, memory is at 2.7v. after an hour of far cry, my cpu temps are around ~45c, and my mobo is at ~26c. before, i noticed temps at ~40c when plaing COD2. are these safe temps for my cpu? thank you.
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    Your temps are great, Average temps for that model 3500+ with stock cooling is about 55c. You should be able to clock your processor a little higher at those voltages. Go to the 220FSB and you should be able to squeeze a little more out of it. Your max temps for the cpu should be about 65c~ so about 40c is good. Most of the time you don't need to up the voltage for the memory. How much voltage have you gone over the original spec?
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    my memory doesn't overclock bery good, so that is the stablest(?) combination. i have tried my previous set up (when i had single channel memory) but windows won't boot. here were my specs:

    Cpu 222x11@1.525v

    also, 55c? isn't that way too high for a 3500?

    stock voltage was ....ummmm ithink it was 1.5 or 1.475
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    well leave it at the speed you currently have then. 55c for the first revision 3500+ isn't bad at all. Using cool and quiet the temps will drop really fast to below 40c. With the Cpu voltage you may find some indescrepencies as if you select 1.500v it may sometimes turn up as 1.485v-1.515. once 220FSB is broken some motherboards will have problems with core speed, not sure why though. I can't quite remember what voltage my ram was running at because i've been on DDR2 for a while. I had 2g(4x512mb) Corsair XMS looking it up i don't think i had to push my voltage up from 2.75v@2-2-2-5
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    wow... it's seventy degrees in the room, and my cpu is at 28c - i guess room temperature does matter!
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    you mean fahrenheit don't you? 70c would cook you whilst you use your pc.

    mmmm roast

    EDIT: 70 degrees Fahrenheit = 21.1111111 degrees Celsius
    70 degrees Celsius = 158 degrees Fahrenheit
  7. K@in

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    it is kinda warm in here...

    yeah i meant fahrenheit.
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