'3Dfx' account suggests the company is returning, but it's almost certainly a fake


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Facepalm: 3Dfx, the long-gone GPU maker behind the fondly remembered Voodoo graphics products of the 1990s, has apparently tweeted that it is returning to the graphics card market after 20 years. That might sound exciting, but the sad reality is that the whole thing is almost certainly a hoax.

An account named "3dfx Interactive" that purports to be "The official Twitter handle for 3dfx. Providing the world with the best graphics cards, ever," posted its first tweet on July 31 that reads: "3dfx Interactive is coming back, 20 years later. Prepare for an [sic] major announcement regarding our return this Thursday!"

While this would normally send the nostalgia nerves tingling in those of a certain age, there are several reasons why the account should be viewed with the highest level of skepticism. First of all, one would imagine a big company making a return would ensure its first tweet was proofread. Secondly, there's the image, which was created by a fan (vermaden) and posted to DeviantArt back in 2014. And most tellingly of all, the account has not been verified with Twitter's blue tick.

There have been suggestions that perhaps 3Dfx would be returning with something other than a graphics card, such as a new cryptocurrency, but a poll asking if "You all wanna see a new 3dfx Voodoo card?" suggests otherwise. Ten hours ago, the account reiterated that a big announcement is coming on August 5 (Thursday).

Soon after the first Voodoo4 products hit the market in 2000, 3Dfx's creditors initiated bankruptcy proceedings, forcing the company to sell most of its assets to Nvidia. Team green has been bringing back older graphics cards to help address the current shortages, but a 3Dfx revival is almost certainly just wishful thinking. It's possible that the account is piggybacking on the popularity of the fake Interplay Entertainment revival account from last week.

Make sure to check out our 3Dfx Interactive: Gone But Not Forgotten feature to learn more about the company. If you happen to be in China, you can see its products in the first GPU museum opened by Nvidia and Colorful.

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Ean Mogg

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Don't Nvidia own the Name??? If I remember I was gutted at the time,,, lol by the way I was 2 at the time lol


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Don't Nvidia own the Name??? If I remember I was gutted at the time,,, lol by the way I was 2 at the time lol
They definitely netely own the trademarks for a lot of what was 3dfx tech (SLI etc.), not sure whether they own the 3dfx name though


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Since there is a high probability that it is fake news, is there a point writing a two-page article over a tweet?
Well, it is one of the most classic gamer brands ever. So, I'd say yes.
It's very unlikely someone would have come up with a new "strain" of IP able to get a foothold in the GPU market, so I agree it's very likely a brand troll of some sort. My guess is that it's simply an AMD or Nvidia OEM who's gotten their hands on the brand name through a friend at the patent office.

Lew Zealand

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Board partner competitor? Making Nvidia and/or AMD GPUs? Intel GPUs?!?

Might be a great name to slap on a board partner that currently doesn't sell in the US as their entry into that market. Galax or Palit maybe?


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If it's true, I'd say there's a 95% chance this new 3dfx will just be another maker of boards with AMD and/or Nvidia GPUs. Still, a 3dfx Voodoo RTX 3080 would certainly nostalgia bait lots of people and sell well.


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3Dfx branded Nvidia cards would sell like hot cakes especially if they have the awesome 90s/2000 era box art style.


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Like some suggested here, maybe they'll just create nVidia or AMD cards for a niche market, maybe focusing only on the high-end.


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To add to this, Nvidia still 100% own the rights to the 3dfx name, so unless someone bought the rights from Nvidia and no one knew about it, this is 100% fake.


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NVIDIA is a company and not an entity that has feelings for anyone. AMD doesn't love you, AMD is a business just like NVIDIA except AMD is smaller.
Even so, you have to appreciate the more open nature of AMD. I'm a big fan of open source projects since there is always a chance that some crazy programmer will create something magical with the source code.