400W Q-Technology ENS-0240QT PSU suitable for AMD/64 socket-939 mobo?

By RealBlackStuff
Dec 7, 2004
  1. Does anyone know if my PSU is suitable for an ABIT AV8 3rd Eye mobo with AMD/64 socket-939?

    Info on PSU: Q-Technology ENS-0240QT 400 Watt
    +3.3 V 30A
    +5 V 25A
    Max 200W on the above 2 voltages

    +12 V1 15A
    +12 V2 16A
    Max 216W on the above 2 voltages

    -5 V 1A
    -12 V 1A
    +5 V StandBy 2A

    There is also a 6-pin flat cable-connector with Red/Orange/Orange/Black/Black/Black colours. Does anyone know what this might be for?
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