4670 power consumption and VPU Error

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Feb 21, 2010
  1. Hello Techspot,

    I am trying to track down the cause of a VPU error while gaming. I have just rebuilt a few yer old PC and got it running (after a week of tweaking and numerous windows installs).

    I have a 500w TT purepower, dual 12v rails @ 14a and 15a. This PSU while being brand new is a few years old. It was picked up locally out of desperation.

    Alright and for the VPU error, I wasn't able to find much info on this but what I did find was it is the GPU Driver link going non-responsive, error picked up by CCC and the GPU is restarted. In one case this was due to poor power on the 12v rail. This error occurred one hour into L4D.

    Alright for the question: Is this PSU able to run this system? More specifically is the graphics card and the PSU link, are there enough amps/watts?

    System specs:

    Zotac 610i value
    OCZ 2gb ram
    XFX 4760 1gb
    WD 160gb HD
    LG DVD super multi w/e w/e
  2. deenace

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    Is that 4670 never heard of 4760.:suspiciou

    4670 is a modernate card which doesnt suck much power from your psu infact it works with total the power supplied by the pcie slot. It can run even on 400w psu without any issues and i dont think more amps/watts is required because this card doesnt directly link with the psu. Might be a driver problem.
  3. Archean

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    1. It can be an issue with your Card, which leave you with no option but to claim warranty and get it replaced.

    2. Your PSU may have degraded overtime; and to confirm the actual voltage you may need to check it with a multimeter.

    3. It requires 400W PSU; so if it turns out that your PSU have no issues then you have only one way i.e. # 1.

    However, it would be more appropriate if you can provide bit more details about the error by checking system logs. Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer, and check System / Application / Setup logs for any red or yellow tagged events, pointing to CCC/ATI drivers.
  4. Ritwik7

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    How did you find that out?

    The HD 4670 requires about 5A on the 12V rails (only for the card). The total system would require about 15A.
  5. aksd

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    Yes that is a typo, see the title. It is a 4670.

    The CPU error is quite specific in itself. Just google VPU ATI error and you'll find it.

    @Ritwik7: As I said in one case the error was solved by replacing the PSU thus the error caused by poor power from the PSU.

    The card is being RMA'd for replacement due to DOA. Having checked the card with multiple driver sets I see that card is ppbly DOA.

    Thanks guys for the feedback.
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