5 Google Chrome Alternatives That Do Things Better


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Vivaldi all the way. It was created by the makers of the old Opera browser- the most feature-rich browser on the planet at the time.

Vivaldi is a very close second in terms of features, but much faster than Opera ever was. It's the ultimate browser for power users, hands down.


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It became my default browser since the first dev builds were released.

I tried Brave once, but I could never get it to install in the first place. Never found a solution for it either. Removed and forgotten.
sigh....if you couldn't get it installed that means you didn't try it. Yet you somehow removed it even though it wouldn't install. Did you just delete the installer or something? I seriously have no clue what you're trying to imply.
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Good ‘ol Firefox on Desktops for me. Brave on mobile and a password manager as a link. I leave Firefox for a bit but always come back.

I do like Brave, but keeping it on mobile seems fine. I feel less control on that platform and therefore use it only as necessary.


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Here's something you can't find anymore. Help files for the app were 27 times bigger than the app itself.

Netscape Navigator version 1, for Windows 3.x
Size: 1.13 MB

User's manual for Netscape Navigator 1:
Size: 30.53 MB


Good old times when apps were made to be small and run fast, instead of nowadays slow bloatware.
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Sadly duckduckgo is limited and not present on many platforms besides as a plugin which does not stop the relentless data collection from the big ones like M$ and G$ but even Ff is not save at all despite everything
On my iphone I actually use most of the time duckduckgo but I admit the war for spying and your data makes it harder and harder to make use of non spyware browsers
Especially the hated Advertising crap ... yes I hate it and no I never buy anything which bugs me when I am not really searching for it.
I completely REFUSE 100% to buy from copmpanies bugging me to buy their crap, I do not give a rats behind if it makes me go to extreme lenghts but believe me I will not fall for the ads hell EVER. No matter what deals they invent of even give it free I won't use it EVER.
I am actually ended my TV abbo because I am FORCED to see 20 minutes ads hell before I get 10 minutes the program I want to watch and then I have to look again 20 minutes ADS HELL.
I do not want to pay alot of money to see ADS HELL 75% all the time.


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So it's funny that I happened to see this article when I browsed the site today. Yesterday I decided to fire up Edge on my Windows 10 desktop machine (Windows install is the latest 21H1 version from May). I have been using Firefox ever since 2004 or so and have never looked back, since the popular Firefox extension NOSCRIPT is such a wonderful tool in preventing drive-by malware and other forms of adware nonsense, not to mention Firefox's intuitive interface, reliability, performance, and privacy features. I mean, it was hard for me not to like Firefox because of all this. I'm currently using Firefox v92.0 at this very moment.

That said, lately I keep reading about how Edge has improved by an order of magnitude, especially when compared to MS's older browsers like IE. They finally adopted a good engine (Chromium is actually good, it's just that Google then tracks EVERYTHING you do when you use it with Chrome) and the fact that it's built into the OS gives it a huge performance advantage. Think about it. This is why Chrome is so much better on Android and Safari is so much better on iOS.

So yesterday I launched Edge and began to configure it. My machine has version 93.0.961.47 currently, which I believe is the latest at this time. After launching it, I was greeted with some incredibly peppy speed, along with options I never would have imagined, including the official NOSCRIPT extension. Yes, NOSCRIPT not only exists for Edge, but works just the same as it does in Firefox. I also added adblock plus to block the pesky YouTube ads and I'm already loving it.

I have not officially switched to Edge, but I now have it set up as my go-to secondary browser and I have literally put Chrome on the back burner. I used to have Chrome ready for those websites that are coded terribly and only run on Chromium. Now I'll just use Edge for that, especially since MS INSISTS on opening some internal hyperlinks in Edge no matter which browser is set to default. I don't like MS's tactics in getting you to switch, but I have to say they are FINALLY sporting a great browser with their OS. For those of you on the fence, give the latest version of MS Edge a try. I'm telling you, it's that good. I may end up switching over to Edge as my primary browser if Mozilla doesn't start innovating a little more with Firefox, but as it stands Firefox still has me for the time being.
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Brave +1. It has Adblock built, familiar UI to Chrome and Google doesn't get to sell / track my data


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Any chance we can get techspot.com verified for Brave? I've got a ton of BAT just sitting in my browser that I'd love to send to sites I read (like this one).
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