56K modem driver loading question

By vomacka
May 27, 2012
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  1. I currently have a 56K ZOOM brand internal modem. It works ok, but it is a pain to load and install.

    The installation instructions want you to load the drivers BEFORE you install the physical internal modem. (In other words, the modem CAN'T be installed when the drivers are being installed) This gets to be a pain when I have to change/reinstall the driver/card for any reason because it means I have to open the case and remove the internal modem card JUST to reinstall the driver?? I'm not sure why they want you to do it this way. DUMB!!

    Is there a way for me to install the drivers AFTER the modem is installed?

    Also, are there 56Kinternal modems out there that will let me install the driver AFTER the card has been installed, so I don't have to keep removing the card?

    This is driving me crazy having to open the case and remove the card every time I want to reinstall the drivers. This is NUTS!!

  2. LookinAround

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    Here's my guess why.. Your situation is similar to printer vendors who want you to install their driver first BEFORE you connect the printer USB cable.

    Windows includes many generic drivers (my guess, it must include some generic modem drivers as well). So... they want you to install their drivers BEFORE you connect their hardware so when Windows goes looking for a driver, it finds the vendors newest driver and Windows doesn't install the generic or any vendor old drivers still on the machine.

    I think there's a simple way around it.... Which simply means installing the new driver, then uninstalling the modem device in Device Manager. Reboot. Now, when Windows looks for drivers to install for the modem, it should find the newer one and prefer it over the generic or any old one.

    One question: When you do the install, does it leave an uninstaller entry in Add/Remove Programs?
  3. vomacka

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    There is an entry for the modem in add/remove programs.
    Perhaps I will try your suggestion this week. Don't know if it will work, but it is worth a shot. I am getting tired of having to remove the modem card just to reinstall the drivers.

    Perhaps I could just "disable" the modem in device manager?
  4. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +184

    Disabling won't do it because simply re-enabling doesn't cause Windows to search for drivers. Try these steps which should also let you check what's goin on
    1. Right click the modem in DevMgr. Select Properties->Driver tab. Note the Provider and version number. If the Provider is Microsoft the generic driver is installed
    2. Uninstall the modem driver using Add/Remove.
    3. Install the new driver.
    4. Now check Driver tab again for Provider/Version. If it's what you want, you're done
    5. But if no modem driver installed or the generic there or it's an old driver, use DevMgr to rt click the device then select Uninstall
    6. You can now reboot or here's a trick that's easier then reboot. Select any line item in DevMgr, then click Action->Scan for Hardware Changes. Windows will now search for drivers for any device with a driver error (such as the case of no driver installed)
    7. Once your modem driver is installed, check the Driver tab to see its the Provider and version you expect

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