6 month old eVGA GeForce 6600 suddenly blacks out

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May 18, 2006
  1. -I have an eVGA GeForce 6600 256mb PCIe video card that is about 6 months old. I'm using it on a Gigabyte k8n-sli mobo with a 500w Antec Neo HE PSU.
    -I powered up my computer like I do every day, but the monitor was black (it didn't blink or anything, it acts like the computer is turned off).
    -I looked at my card and the fan wasn't on (is it supposed to be on all the time?).
    -I then installed an old PCI video card and took out the 6600, and the system booted up fine.
    -I then reinstalled the 6600, but left the moniter plugged into the old PCI gpu so that I could look in Window's Device Manager to see if it was even recognizing my 6600, but the old PCI gpu doesn't display anything while the 6600 is plugged in.

    My problem: I don't know if it's the 6600 (I don't have another system to test it on) or the mobo's PCIe ports (which showed up fine in Device Manager). Do I need a new graphics card? I didn't do anything to damage it, so what could have caused the problem?
  2. SOcRatEs

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    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    Try doing a clean install of Video drivers, removing all drivers first.
    Check to see if there are any newer MoBo chipset drivers,

  3. Mr Papschmere

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    The card might have cooked if there was no fan.

    Can you try it in a friends PC?

    I'd be searching or the reciept and taking it back.
  4. kirock

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    Yeah that sounds like the card is fryed. If it didn't POST or beep and no fans were spinning then it must be pulling down the 12Volt rail so bad that the CPU didn't even turn on. I would NOT plug that card in again unless you want to fry out the PSU.

    One word(acronym): RMA
  5. RyGuy

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    I don't think it fried

    First, some clarification: it is only the fan on the gpu itself that is not running. The CPU, PSU, and case fans work fine. The mobo turns on and doesn't give any warning beeps, so I'm guessing everything but the GeForce 6600 is running fine

    I'm not positive, but I don't think it fried. I left my case wide open (both panels off) and have fans blowing in the case. I tried reinstalling my drivers, but ran into some trouble:
    1- my mobo drivers are having trouble upgrading (I downloaded the latest, tried to install them, but some of the installers game me error messages and quit)
    2- I can't intall the lastest driver for my GeForce 6600 because I have to have the card in the PCIe slot in order for the driver to install.

    I am using an old PCI gpu to hold me over right now. I have tried using it with the GeForce 6600 also installed, but neither work at that point. The only way for me to see anything on my moniter is to use the PCI gpu without the GeForce 6600 installed. Is there any way I could install the GeForce 6600 and have it disabled so that I can boot up my system and install new drivers?

    p.s. I don't have another system I can install it on (none of my friends have mobos with PCIe ports)
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