64GB Flash Drive Malfunction

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I purchased a 64 GB hard drive recently. I'm having a really difficult time copying jpeg files onto it - or any files, for that matter. I used this: downloads.pcworld.com/pub/new/utilities/peripherals/SP27608.exe to reformat it, and when I did, now it seems to be working, but I only have 32 GB of space!

I know for sure that there is at least 62.4 GB of space on this disk, so how can I 1) get it to work and 2) get ALL of that space to work?

I'm also going from Mac to PC and back again, and I've noticed that on both computers, I have difficulties, so it's not one or the other... it's the drive.

Please help! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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If you know the manufacture of your Flash Drive.
You are best to try to source the manufacture format utility specifically made for it


These are two pictures of what it's doing. One is showing that I'm trying to copy a large mp4 file back onto my hard drive... it stays frozen like that until I disconnect the drive, and no data is being transferred as far as I can tell. The other is me even trying to just open the file, and as you can see, the file is somehow corrupt... it tells me it's not even a movie file.

This happens when I try putting even one file on at a time. Half the time, if I think I've successfully placed a file onto it, when I go to copy it, I get a strange icon in the place of the where the file should be. The icon is black and looks like a windows file. Granted, this work has been on Mac, but the same problems persist on a Windows computer too.

Any idea what the heck is going on with this thing??? It's really pretty ridiculous.

Sorry for the trouble - Brad
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