70 percent of viruses last year by one person

By Phantasm66
Jul 30, 2004
  1. Sven Jaschan found out just how much his friends liked him (or rather how much they liked money more) when they grassed him up for virus writing in exchange for a cash payout from Microsoft back in May. But now, it looks like Sven is responsible for much, much more.

    Its now alleged that Sven was responsible for something like 70 percent of the virus type infections of last year. He has confessed to being the author of the Netsky and Sasser viruses, and it looks like he also created 25 variants of Netsky and Sasser as well.

    Its not clear how possible this is, or how true it is. But it certainly staggering how much mayhem one person could possibly have caused.
  2. Phantasm66

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    I remember reading once that something like 99% of spam on the internet comes from a very small group of people.

    Maybe its the same for viruses too. Maybe 99% of these things are written by a very small number of people each year.
  3. Have they scheduled his execution yet?
  4. seriously.. this guy, even if found not to be the author of all of them, should be publicly lynched by IT admins world-wide.
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