7600 gs n 6800 gs AGP???

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Aug 10, 2006
  1. ok... a friend of mine has pentium 4 (2 ghz prescott) on some intel mobo with agp slot (don't remember the model) n 1 gb of ddr 400 ram and....he only wants to upgrade his gpu n has two cards in mind 7600 gs agp and 6800 gs agp.....now i need u guys to advise if any of the above cards will bottleneck his system or not...if yes please give reason y???? also suggest wht do u think he should go for 7600 gs or 6800 gs????

    another friend of mine is saying tht 7600 gs will bottleneck his system, so he should go for 6800 gs....but i think 6800 gs will be the one tht'll bottleneck his system because of its high bandwidth???

    so i need ur advise...thanks
  2. fajoo24

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    some replies plzzz....
  3. vnf4ultra

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    I'd agree with you on that, I believe the 6800gs is a faster card than the 7600gs, so therefore it will be bottlenecked more by the cpu. The 7600gs is newer, but it's a newer midrange card, where the 6800gs is a slightly older, high end card.

    Are you sure it's a prescott if it's 2ghz? I belive the slowest prescott was 2.4ghz, but I could be wrong. The motherboard doesn't happen to have any overclocking options does it? If so, I'd say that overclocking the cpu would help aleviate (some of) the bottleneck, as would purchasing a newer, faster cpu.
  4. fajoo24

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    oh, may be it's northwood but does tht make a difference....n above all u think tht 7600 gs will bottleneck this system????
  5. vnf4ultra

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