7vax and a 2400+

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May 4, 2003
  1. I have a new gigabyte motherboard it is a 7vax and a new amd processor a 2400+. The processor is however being reconized as an 1800+, is this a fsb issue or a bios that needs to be flashed. I know that some xp processors were mislabled but i do not belive that this was one affected.
  2. Supra

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    My best guess is that your FSB is set to 200mhz and not 266mhz. Check during bootup.
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    One other thing that i did was when i would use easy tune 4, (a program made by gigabyte) which just helps you over clock and tweak voltage to various voltages on the motherboard. If i over clocked it about 18somthing00 megahurts like 1831 it would freeze or when i restarted the computer i would get an error in windows that said to try inserting the windows cd at the next bootup and press r for recovery. I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem
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    i'd update your BIOS ;)
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    I would recommend first, before flashing the BIOS, try clearing CMOS, don't mess with the OC features until you get it up running stable first. check the FSB speed as mentioned before. If it is still not working, you might need to flash the BIOS.
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