80 gig maxor going flatline

By sirlem
Jun 6, 2007
  1. well i havea a 80 gig maxor drive few months old out of what was a good system . I went through all the problems ppl face on the blue screens ---sigh i justwent and got another better computer well vitsa i dont like but rest is peachy all but onbe thing i had a ton of info on that drive so i figured id master ide in my new computer the giant duel core etc all sata and all different plugs . followed all the procedurs to install the drive from manual and it shows in bios and populate at this point its i guess a primary ide slave to sata drive set in bios so i boot windows from the sata drive and no problems i hit the divice manager and click the hdd ide area and said device is funtioning i updated drivers and hit populate it kinda did the address is odd all 0s but it reads its 80 gigs model and name but sadly i cant access it can anyone help :wave:
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