8800gt Issue

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Dec 22, 2007
  1. I just put together a computer and have been having a problem with a BSOD in the game Crysis.

    Running at 1024x1280 I can set all of the video settings to high except texture quality. The instant I put it any higher than medium I get a BSOD which entails some unrecoverable hardware failure. I haven't done too much testing to discover what exactly is causing the problem and hope it is not my new 8800gt since I do not want to have to go through the ordeal of having it replaced.

    From what I have read it could possibly be my memory as well.

    Has anyone else had this problem or have any ideas of what it may be.

    Here are my specs...

    Vista Ultimate
    2048mb ddr2
    AMD x2 6400+
    BFG 8800gt OC
    550w PSU
    Foxconn AM2 Mobo w/
    570 Nvidia Chipset
    500gb hdd
  2. can you tell me the code of the BSOD? if you can i can help you pinpoint the exact problem
  3. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,495

    Yea the exact information of the BSOD would be great.

    Another thing to consider is the Power Source (what brand is the PSU) and is the connector providing power to the card seated correctly? Often times this can cause random BSOD.

    How new is the card? It could be the card, but id look at exactly the BSOD before jumping to conclusions.

  4. NNRooth

    NNRooth TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I will try to get the code for the BSoD as soon as I get some a chance. Getting this is probably the key to discovering the cause of my problem.

    The power supply is a Rosewill RD550N-2DB-SL-BK

    The connector is seated properly, and it is the 6pin PCIe connector coming directly from the PSU.

    Also it isn't a random BSoD. It occures when I change the texture settings from medium to high or above in the game Crysis. Every other setting can be
    changed without an error, just the texture settings give me the BSoD.

    The video card is brand new. It just shipped in from BBuy last week.
    Every other component is brand new as well.
  5. kpo6969

    kpo6969 TS Maniac Posts: 710

    What do you have your memory clocked at?
    only rated to 2000 (some have had to downclock to 1950-1900 or less because of BSOD's
    What are your temps?
    Two biggest causes of crashes on the 8800GT.
  6. i think we may very well have found a problem.

    Rosewill? if you know anything about that brand, it's that it's a completely terrible brand, and that not a single power supply they make is recommended for use in a desktop comptuer.

    if i were you, i'd swap it out for a more high quality one.

    refer to this list to get the best possible one you can for your money. go for top of tier 3, and anything from tier 2, Z, and tier 1:
  7. kpo6969

    kpo6969 TS Maniac Posts: 710

    Agreed Rosewill wouldn't be my choice for a psu but it should have 31amps.
    As mentioned above about the psu and the fact that your cpu uses 125w this in combination of the other possibilities may be the problem.

    8800GT + X2 6400 = ALOT of heat and power usage
  8. NNRooth

    NNRooth TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I will attempt to get my hands on a quality psu and see if that fixes the problem.

    I will let you all know how that goes.
  9. NNRooth

    NNRooth TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I finally got the error code from the BSoD.

    BCCode : 9c BCP1 : 00000004 BCP2 : 8054D5F0 BCP3 : B2000010
    BCP4 : 00010C0F OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1

    Any clue to what this may be caused by?
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