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By miska_man
Mar 24, 2009
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    So I had a fair amount of points in my Goozex account, so I thought I'd request Crysis. About a week later it arrives at my house. I install it and play. First thoughts are it really sucks compared to what I think it should look like. I went into the options, went to graphics (it was default on low), and auto-detected which put everything to medium with no AA. I put it up to 2x AA and put a couple options to high. It looked alot better, but it would lag every so often. So I'm thinking about overclocking my EVGA eGeForce 9600 GSO.

    The thing is, I'm thinking it's going to overheat and kill itself. I started up RivaTuner after 20 min of Crysis so I dunno if it cooled down yet, but it was appartently idling at 77 Celcius (170 F). I thought that a little hot, so I wanted to see what it would do when I started up my GPU folding@home. Well, after 5 min of that, it increased to 85 C (185 F). I think that load is similar to playing Crysis on medium.

    So, do you think it's safe to go higher? Or should I pull it out and put a cooler on? Or just leave it?
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    My advice...TURN OFF AA ITS A FPS KILLER!!

    That is ok (pushing the limits there), but you can just turn up the fan speed and keep pushing your clock speeds and memory speeds (clock speed is more important) until you get artifacting or errors.
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