A couple of POST problems - no IDE detected & wrong RAM value


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Today I stripped my computer down to give it a good clean. All went fine until I went to switch it back on.

My first problem, and what would appear to be the most serious, is that since I cleaned and re-assembled my computer I now get a third screen in POST. Nearly identical to the first POST screen except for the text at the bottom.
It reads, 'No IDE Master H.D.D. Detected!' 'Press F1 to Resume' and sticks on that screen until I press F1.

Normally I get the first two screens shown below, the main POST screen and then the JMicron screen and then it goes to Windows.

Also, I have noted that the primary master is not my HDD, but my DVD/CD drive. I have confirmed that my HDD is in fact first in the 'Boot Device Priority' in BIOS.

My second problem, which has been persistant, is that during POST the value for the RAM gives a reading of 'PC2-5300' when in fact it is '6400'. I have searched my BIOS (ASUS P5W DH Deluxe) and I can't find where I change the value.

Apart from the above everything is as it was before.

Any help with the above issues would be greatly appreciated.






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Why, if it's SATA, and you have a free master, would you set it as slave?
Set it to master (on the back of the hard drive), plug it in the proper port, and hop into the bios, making sure it shows up correctly, then try restarting.

As for the RAM issue, it sounds as if the ratio between RAM and FSB has been changed. To find the proper value, look in the Bios for said ratio (Probably in either RAM/Memory settings, or in FSB/Overclocking settings) and use math to figure out the proper value (PC6400 is 800 MHz, so what ratio would 800 MHz DDR2 ram get to FSB to give a proper rating?)


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The problem has been solved I had the HDD Sata cable plugged into the wrong socket. Also someone was able to guide me to the right place in my BIOS to correct the RAM settings.