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I have been thinking about buying a really good Gaming Computer, and now I have no idea which computer or specs to actually get. I want something cheap but don't mind expensive. I also heard that custom built computers are better than already engineered computers. I was checking out but like I said I don't know what specs to get for this computer. I want a computer that can support any game like any call of duty, minecraft, LoL, WoW, etc. and maybe posting videos on YouTube or others. Please help and thank you for your attention.

Please comment the specs
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That is a good place to have a computer built as far as specs go there is no computer specs that have to be met, a good PSU is good in any machine, a reasonable mobo is needed in any machine. I prefer ASUS but they will be the highest if top of the line. if u are going to overclock make sure it is over clockable and make sure the processor is over
clockcable and yes they both have the ability, although the board will just put the # down. any video card will play games, but the newer ones should give u more frames, and last longer. as far as the processor AMD or Intel will be fine. and that site will e-mail u if the MOBO and processor will not work together.
I got a laptop from cyberpowerpc for $1600. I customized it to 16GB of 1600Mhz RAM, 2 1TB HDD 7200 RPM, and added a Blu-Ray Burner. I don't know if you wanted a laptop but I can vouch for this one... although I will say one thing. I ordered a R9 M290x and they shipped me a HD 8790m so I wish it would have said that on the order. When I contacted support they said it was an upgrade so I didn't argue much, although it's pretty much the same specs wise