A new Star Wars trilogy and live-action TV series are on their way


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Following the monumental success of the recent Star Wars movies, Disney has announced plans for a brand-new trilogy and live-action TV series. CEO Bob Iger said that Rian Johnson, writer-director of the upcoming The Last Jedi, will create the fourth Star Wars trilogy. He will write and direct the first entry, with longtime collaborator Ram Bergman producing.

The three movies will be separate from the Skywalker saga. As StarWars.com reports, it will “introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored.”

“We all loved working with Rian on The Last Jedi,” said Lucasfilm’s president, Kathleen Kennedy. “He’s a creative force, and watching him craft The Last Jedi from start to finish was one of the great joys of my career. Rian will do amazing things with the blank canvas of this new trilogy.”

Disney will also be bringing a live-action Star Wars TV series to its streaming service, which is set to launch sometime in 2019. Back in September, the company confirmed that its Marvel and Star Wars movies would be shown exclusively on the site.

No word on when the new movies might arrive, but we’ve got plenty of Star Wars goodness to keep us going for a while. Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is released on December 15, and next year sees the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. The as-yet-unnamed Episode IX is scheduled for December 2019.

J. J. Abrams, director of The Force Awakens, will return for the final entry in the current trilogy following Colin Trevorrow’s departure. It had been suspected that Johnson could stay on and become Episode IX’s director, but he ruled himself out—possibly because of his commitments to the new trilogy.

A new trailer for The Last Jedi arrived earlier this month, along with news of Disney’s strict rules for theatres that are showing the movie.

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Uncle Al

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Have to agree ... the idea of subscribing to something that is already going to be loaded with commercials is a waste. Frankly, I don't think those services like CBS streaming will last long after the inevitable blow back from the cord cutters ....
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“introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored.”
Sounds like Mass Effect Andromeda :)


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Sounds to me like the penny's dropping - there isn't enough content to sustain a separate streaming service. As for a live action series? No thanks.
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Joe Blow

Is there no end to this nonsense? The first film was enough and definitely should have stopped after the third. But since there's a new sucker born every minute and this seems like a rock they can keep squeezing blood from, why stop?


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So many haters here.
Do you feel special announcing that you don't enjoy something that most people do?
I feel like I'm simply telling the truth.

So what's your issue? Did you just appoint yourself our hall monitor, or do you work for Disney?

That last disaster where everybody dies so Princess Leia could obtain the Deathstar plans was depressing. Of course, all the Star Wars geeks thought it deserved an Oscar.

Did you know that Disney successfully lobbied to have copyright law changed so that "Mickey Mouse" wouldn't fall into the public domain for at least 25 more years. So, the rest of the free world has to wait for 20 more years for everything which should have entered the public domain, just so Disney can continue to line its pockets from "da mouse". :D.

The Star Wars saga is of, by necessity, simply a retread of its equipment, and innate context.

When ILM created the FX for it, it was completely unique. Now all their techniques have been pirated into the public movie making domain. What once was completely revolutionary, is now ordinary. So, I'd rather celebrate Star Wars for what it was, groundbreaking, instead of a rehashed cash cow for Disney Studios.

Here, why don't you curl up with an informative Wiki article, instead of unsuccessfully playing at being a SJW.? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_Term_Extension_Act
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So many haters here. Do you feel special announcing that you don't enjoy something that most people do?
Normally I'd agree with "live and let live", but over-sequelling / chronic milking to death of franchises solely for the purpose of extending decades old studio IP (rather than actually bringing anything new or creative to the table) is now an industry wide problem that's highlighting just how incredibly lame and mind-numbing modern movie (and video game) studios have become.
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The why are you here? Sniff sniff....schmells like a troll !
I suppose you and your massive experience here at Techspot, (all 29 posts of it), are proposing to tell us exactly who's who, and what's what's here at the site.

Tell me, were you picking out trolls at Facebook or Twitter before you condescended to join us?
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Xtreme gamer

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Star Wars is a massive entertainment universe.
Plenty of characters, world's, untold stories, etc.
It's such a fertile and imaginative base to make great entertainment for anyone to sit down and enjoy.
Books, comics, movies, tv shows toys. Etc.
Many People want to see more of it, and would be devastated if it just stopped because its not groundbreaking anymore. It still brings joy to the world.


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....[ ]....Many People want to see more of it, and would be devastated if it just stopped because its not groundbreaking anymore. It still brings joy to the world.
Perhaps so, but you still can't summarily demand that everyone feel the same way you do, and demean them if they don't.

That said, keep in mind things that predictably repeat, like going to work, or at a base level even sunrise, are reassuring and give our lives balance and rhythm.

I've grown to dislike Disney over the particular issue I discussed earlier. But yet greed is a very human trait, and becomes much more oppressive when practiced by a large corporate entity. Merely hating such an institution doesn't mean people won't capitulate to it en masse. nor does it mean I won't watch new Star Wars material, but on my terms, not Disney's.

So, when the movies hit Redbox, I'll reserve them the minute they're released. Were Disney to deny the material to the rental business, you can bet I won't be seeing them. So, color me both principled against, and lukewarm toward, yet another episode of "cowboys and Indians in outer space".

EDIT: Something else to consider, is the habit of shows, particularly "Game of Thrones", to kill off primary characters. While they would have you believe these incidents are "pivotal to the plot, and necessary to advance the story lines", it's also a way the studios have of correcting casting mistakes, and keeping actor's pay scale under control. After all, you can't negotiate on the premise you have a massive fan base, and are indispensable to the storyline, if your character is dead. Disney started taking this approach with the last Star Wars movie, and I suspect they will continue to do so in the next installments.

I mean gosh, even Marvel allows their characters to continue through multiple episodes. and I'm sure, each repeat of a character is at a higher rate of pay than their last engagement.

Disney is simply too impressed with itself at the moment, and greed, along with the overblown egos and aspirations of its management staff, is causing the Studio to exceed the boundaries of good taste, and good customer relations.

But hell, tactics like these always seem to work for Apple, so why not give it a shot?
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